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10 Funny Things That Cross A Woman’s Mind When Cleaning

Messy Room
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10 Funny Things That Cross A Woman’s Mind When Cleaning

When mopping, sweeping, and cleaning, women may think of some of these funny things.

As a general rule, women are not supposed to be dirty. Disorganized? On occasion. Prone to clutter? Sure. But never dirty. Dirty brings along the connotation of being gross. And that’s meant for boys. Our genetic makeup simply prevents us from allowing the space around us to become disgusting. However, we are human and slip up.

​In those moments, time escapes us and so do the mop and broom. Before we know it, our homes look like war zones. It’s one thing when we’re by ourselves, it’s another when we’re living with our boo. Personally, I think of the funniest things as I stare at my clutter or dirty laundry. Whether you are single or in a relationship, some of these thoughts may cross your mind when cleaning up.

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The towel must dry faster if it’s on the floor.
Know Where The Towel Is
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Why does the sink need more toothpaste than your teeth?
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I wish clothes folded themselves.
Folding Clothes
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The kitchen will forever smell of bacon.
Bacon and Chandler Bing
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I should invest in a plunger.
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Are these weights just for show?
Women working out

How do I unclog my shower drain?
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I need a glass of wine.
Bottle of Wine
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Why do I have so much underwear?
Emma Stone
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My car must be where Starbucks stoppers come to die.
drinking starbucks
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​Most of us contemplate these things before even lifting a finger. Then we think some more and promise ourselves that we’ll get organized the next day. But if you’re anything like me, single or not, you know that the pile of clean clothes in your La-Z-boy will simply grow on you and give your room character!

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