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(34) at (34) Challenge: Exercise 4 – Action Plan


(34) at (34) Challenge: Exercise 4 – Action Plan

As an Aries, I am all about action. The fire element in my sign commands it, as does my symbol – the ram. I have trouble NOT doing something to accomplish my dreams. Dreams don’t come along on their own. You have to BELIEVE and ACT in order to bring them to fruition. So, this is what I have done at 34 thus far. Thanks to this challenge I said goodbye to 33 with a letter, created a list of goals, and redid my vision board to match that list. Now, it’s time to tackle Exercise 4 and break down our goals into steps.

It’s time for an action plan.

An action plan allows us to take one goal and break it down into sub-goals, or short term goals. It is like a task list but so much more powerful. When doing an action plan, think about what you can do realistically in the time alloted. Think about your resources and what you need to accomplish said tasks. And, of course, be clear in your goal setting.

Below is a template of an action plan that I have utilized in the past. Feel free to download to start your action plan and be sure to come back on Monday, where we will share our experience with this exercise.

[wpdm_file id=1]

Share with me. Have you created an action plan and how has it worked for you?

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