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3 Things You Can Do To Create Change


3 Things You Can Do To Create Change


I’ve been thinking a lot about change and how we get to the point where we take action to create the change we often crave. It’s not easy, deciding to change, but we all want our lives to be different somehow. How many times have you complained about a job, friendship, and/or romantic relationship? We want something to shift. Because it’s no longer enough, no longer fulfilling, if it ever was. So, how do we get to a point where we stop talking about what we want to be different and bring that difference into our world?

We change

We look within and note what needs to be different in us.

But how can we change? Here are some tips you can follow to lead you there.

Make a Choice to Change. Choosing to change shifts your mindset. You will resist less because you’ve decided that you need change and are open to change and the process. You are also looking into yourself instead of what others are doing to create your world.

Take a Risk. This can mean many things. It can be going to therapy and opening up to a professional. It can mean doing that thing you’ve always said you wanted to try (yoga, swimming, dancing professionally, singing, traveling). This opens you up to new experiences. And new experiences can be transformative.

Don’t Let Fear Control You. Many times we don’t change because of fear. Change is scary, uncomfortable, difficult. Who wouldn’t be afraid of it? I’ve been terrified but made the choice to change and to not let fear control me. It’s only an emotion. You have much more power than your fear. Say to the fear, “You are only in my mind, and my mind belongs to ME.”

Now, go out into the world and make a change in your life. This can be a small change, like waking up earlier, or a big change like leaving an unhealthy relationship. No matter what it is take a chance to change.

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