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3 Signs You Might Have Been A D.U.F.F.



3 Signs You Might Have Been A D.U.F.F.

Are you the designated ugly fat friend (D.U.F.F)? Were you? Find out with these quick signs.

Hitting theaters soon is a film titled The Duff. The movie trailer explains that a D.U.F.F is the acronym for designated ugly fat friend. Horrible, right?

So now you’re thinking back to high school and maybe the early semesters of college and wondering: “wait, was I ever the D.U.F.F?”

​To be a D.U.F.F, you don’t have to be ugly and/or fat. You probably just felt that your friend(s) had better social lives than you did. Their hair always acted right, they had the clothes you wanted, they got the guy…and on and on goes the list.

​They say every group of friends has a D.U.F.F. And if you can’t figure out who it is or was, it is or was most likely you. Now that I think about it, between me and my best friend in high school, I was the D.U.F.F. If you ever felt like your group’s D.U.F.F, here are some possible indications that you were.

Advice Giver: You were the one to dole out your opinions (and shoulders) when your friends needed you because their drama seemed like the end of their world.

The Go-Between: A guy likes your friend. So what does he do? Asks you to find out what her type is, or what her likes and hobbies are so he can try and pretend he has something in common with her. You oblige because this may be the most exciting thing that’s happened to you in a while.

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Closet Wisher: You spend hours in your friends’ closets wishing you had half their taste. And probably their long legs, too.

Defender of The Group: You and your friends may have “haters” due to rumors and reps, but you defend your group of friends and their honor. Cause the haters are probably just jealous.

​So what if you still are the D.U.F.F? See the awesome in you. Yes, ladies, it’s common for us to question every inch of ourselves. We can’t help but knock ourselves down a peg sometimes. Still, stop comparing yourself to friends and judging yourself based on the outside world and what they determine is beautiful or interesting . The only acronym that should matter to you is the ones that you set for yourself.

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Friends Never Go Out of Style - Carrie Bradshaw

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Trends come and go but good friends are forever! Carrie is never wrong.

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