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25 Things You Don’t Know About Sujeiry…Yet: Get Your Popcorn Ready!


25 Things You Don’t Know About Sujeiry…Yet: Get Your Popcorn Ready!

20110829-045101.jpgI am an open book. Whether angry, frightened, joyous or somber, I wear it on my face. I can’t fake anything. Not even an orgasm. Yet there is so much I hold inside!

Many people categorize me as an entertaining, humorous powerhouse who is creative and kind. I almost always have a smile on my face and am friendly to everyone….unless they give me a funky vibe. Still, I won’t be rude, choosing to keep my distance and observing the questionable ones actions instead.

Are these assumptions regarding my personality correct? To an extent. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a mic hooked up to my waist so I can tell ‘knock knock’ jokes. I also don’t have a box filled with sex toys. Just because I promote Pepa Power doesn’t mean I’m the second cuming (ahum) of Robin Byrd. So, when Margo of She’s Nacho’s Momma propositioned a Blog Hop called “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me…Yet”, I hopped on the bandwagon. And here I go!

  1. When I was born, I refused to come out of Mami’s womb, or at least that’s what she tells me. The doctors had to work miracles to retrieve me from my sac, which may be the reason why, as an adult, I have trouble letting go of anything that is comfortable and safe.
  2. As spontaneous and impulsive as I am, I also crave stability and, as I stated in number one, safety. It’s one of the reasons why I struggle with leaving home and relocating, which I am discussing next!
  3. At 12 years old, Mami moved us to Lawrence, MA after my sister was accepted to Phillips Academy Andover. That move changed my life, exposing me to life outside NYC. I lived in Lawrence for 2 years, finishing junior high school there before moving on to the town of Andover, where I studied at the prestigious preparatory school, Phillips Academy Andover. I was a day student (a student that commutes) for 2 years and then a boarding student. That experience taught me that, contrary to my upbringing, the world is not only Dominican. After Andover, I went to Amherst to study at UMass Amherst. By Junior year, Mami decided to return to NY. I didn’t want to go back. I’d made friends in MA, though it didn’t really feel like home. But New York didn’t feel like home either. This is why I often feel displaced. This is why I constantly mention leaving NYC for greener pastures. I want to find a place where I can set roots, build a family…all on my own.
  4. I was almost expelled from Andover due to “disciplinary” and academic struggles. I blame my Math teacher who didn’t believe in me and thought I didn’t belong. The committee deciding my fate gave me a chance to prove myself, offering me two years free room and board. It was the best two years I experienced academically and socially.
  5. At 12 years old, Papi would pick me, my sister and my brother up and spend time with us. He still lived in NYC while we lived in Lawrence. One weekend he didn’t show up or call. We didn’t see or hear from him until 8 years later.
  6. Men usually peg me as Slutty McSlut because I love to party and am usually the life of the party. But just because I like to drink and am friendly doesn’t mean my pepa™ is open for business!
  7. I’ve never had a one night stand. Take that!
  8. I was extremely shy as a child. Yes, me! I was attached to my mothers skirt and my nose was always in a book or in my writing journal (composition notebook, baby!) I finally came out of my shell my sophomore year in high school.
  9. My first kiss was at 16 and it was awful!
  10. I thought I was asexual because I never thought about or wanted sex.
  11. I was 19 years old the first time I felt a tingle in my pepa™. That was also the first time I masturbated.
  12. I read my writing out aloud for the first time when I was 18 years old. It was a violent poem about wanting to bash the head of a former friend. Why did we stop talking? Because she changed as a person after dating a soccer player from our high school. His popularity made her popular and, in turn, arrogant. I was also pissed that she didn’t heed my warning about his player ways. What can I say? I don’t like it when people don’t listen to me.
  13. Throughout college, men saw me as a cock blocker. Whenever they’d come near one of my friends, and my friends were uncomfortable with said cock, I’d tell them to back away. Momma Bear Sujeiry to the rescue!
  14. I used to eat my boogers. Uy!
  15. I have 3 half siblings from my fathers side but, when asked, only say I have a brother and a sister. I wasn’t raised with the others and didn’t learn about them until I was 20, so it doesn’t come natural to include them in my answer.
  16. I used to write men letters to express how I feel, and not as a teenager!
  17. I began writing my first book at 12. It was a wannabe “Sweet Valley High.” I called it “The 190 Girls” which was my former street number in NYC.
  18. I have never faked an orgasm.
  19. I almost had sex in an ATM vestibule…with my boyfriend at the time.
  20. I’ve lost many female friends due to misunderstandings. Sometimes I just don’t realize when I’m hurting someone’s feelings.
  21. I’ve never cried in front of a man. I don’t necessarily hold it in; my body just doesn’t react until after they are gone. BANG goes the door, and there go the waterworks.
  22. I hate the smell and feeling of grass on my feet.
  23. I have a fear of falling, which is why I don’t do roller coasters and I don’t like deep water. I always need to feel the bottom as it is my foundation.
  24. Since I could remember, I’ve always felt my future husband is outside NYC.
  25. I learned how to ride a bike at 13 years old, fell of the bike 6 months later and have been traumatized since. I may be the first person who has “forgotten” how to ride a bike. Blame it on my fear of falling!

I hope you enjoyed digging deeper into my past and my loopy mind. I sure enjoyed digging up some of these secrets. It motivates me to become an open Encyclopedia rather than just one open book. Join me, will you?

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