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5 Tips to Stay Motivated During Hard Times

Mar 21, 2020

We all experience hard times. From getting unexpectedly laid off to breaking up with the love of your life (trust me, you’ll be fine) life can do a number on us! I’ve been there, which is why I wanted to share how I stay motivated during hard times. It isn’t always easy, but it is necessary as bills still have to get paid, kids have to be played with and minded, and, yes, life goes on. So, how do you gear up to chase your entrepreneurial dreams when you’re too sad to get out of bed? How do you pursue your passion(s) when you have financial stress or feel like a hot mess ? The following goal getting tips will help you stay accountable.

Feel Your Feelings

Ask Drake, it’s okay to be all up in your feelings! Feel sad if you’re sad, feel angry if you’re angry, feel disappointed if you’re disappointed – you get my drift! Just don’t wallow in your “ugh” feelings for too long. Give yourself time to heal, but remember that you have big plans! If you don’t feel like doing any work on you or your career, don’t force it either. Instead, stay motivated through journaling, planning, and visualizing – and go to the next step.

Ask Yourself This Important Question

If you’re struggling to stay motivated during hard times, ask yourself: what’s stopping me? Is it a preconceived notion about yourself? Is it fear of going against family wishes? Is it self-doubt or a lack of self-worth? Is it a lack of support from your partner and/or family and friends? Is it Impostor Syndrome? Whatever it is (and I can go on and on) discover your triggers and work from there. If you can’t seem to stay motivated, there’s almost always something there (a pattern, a fear, an insecurity) that is stopping you from moving forward.

Take small steps to act and stay motivated.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when focusing on the big picture and what you desire to manifest. So start small. If you can’t seem to stay motivated when attempting to change your personal and professional life, don’t overwork yourself with 20 tasks in a day, especially if you’re balancing a day job, mom life, spouse/partner life, and starting a business. Instead, take small steps. What can you do today to stay motivated tomorrow? What can you do today to get closer to your ultimate goal and stay accountable? Consider all of this when breaking down your tasks. The more you do this the less defeated you will feel when life gives you lemons. It’s the best way to make lemonade!

Experiencing hard times can be a blessing. It provides us with time to evaluate why we are blocked and what to do next to pursue our goals and remain accountable.

Give yourself a break.

You are human, which means you’ll need a break to stay motivated. If you were a machine, you could go all day despite your feelings. So breathe. Do something you enjoy to take your mind of work and worry. Or even do something mindless. (My favorite mindless thing to do when I need a break is to watch reality TV. 90 Day Fiance, anyone?) What matters is that you pause before you feel inundated with things you cannot control. That will lead you back to where you started – unmotivated.

Stay accountable for yourself.

Don’t stay accountable for anyone but yourself. That includes your partner, kids, mother, and/or boss. Doing so gives away your power. They only way to stay motivated when the chips are down is to build a life that you want to lead. Don’t do so to prove anything to anyone, to piss someone off, or to get someone’s approval. You are a goal getter, that’s who you are. You want to feel fulfilled in all ways because this is your life. Now, get to it!

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