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How to Start a Personal Brand Online

So you want to know how to start a personal brand. Well, you’re in luck cause I’m a personal branding pro! Like The Little Engine That Could, I chugged along with very little branding knowledge and experience and built Love Sujeiry: a niche personal brand that is synonymous with relationships and dating for the Latinx community. Ahum, I think I can – and I did!

So, if you’re a new womenpreneur that sneezes at just the thought of personal branding, if you find yourself hyperventilating when anyone says “Instagram,” or if you constantly ask yourself, “What the fudge is my brand anway?” this one is for you. (And also, I want fudge.)

How to Start a Personal Brand

Starting a personal brand is a lot simpler than you think. The trick is to be consistent, be clear with your brand messaging before you post on Instagram or on your blog, and to stick with it even if you feel like you’re flailing.

Be Authentic

Womenpreneurs with successful personal brands are true to who they are and, yes, sometimes they get personal. Does that mean you must reveal your deepest secrets to succeed in personal branding?

start a personal brand


Not unless you want to! Take top models and TV personalities, Chrissy Teigen and Heidi Klum. Chrissy bares it all, including her miscarriage. Heidi shares, yes, but she’s selective and doesn’t delve too much into her personal life. Yet they both have clearly defined personal brands online.

So, what should you share to start your personal brand? Whatever helps your audience get to you know and your products and/or services.

Know Your Audience

You’re clear on who you are and your brand message on Instagram, but do you know the people that you’re serving? Do you know who your customer is? If not, that’s your next exercise (and I’m not talking about a treadmill). Take a pen and paper, jot down notes and post them on a mounted wall organizer!

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Write down your target audience’s demographics and their pain points. This leads to the next step: VALUE, VALUE, (say it with me, now) VALUE!

Give Them Value

Start by adding value to your ideal customer on your social media platforms and your blog. I know, it seems like a lot! You can, however, accomplish this by repurposing content. 

What value can you add? Well, whacha got? Seriously. What do you know! And I hope your answer directly corelates with your new business.

When you give your audience value they view you as an expert. They come to you for guidance and eventually, buy your products and services.

Need more clarity? Still feeling overwhelmed and unsure? You’re invited to my course: DEFINING YOUR BRAND ON THE ‘GRAM. It’s a self-paced course that breaks down how to define your brand message, aesthetic and even your target audience for Instagram. And it’s only $44!  

I know that with this course you’ll feel confident when posting on Instagram. Because you’ll know who you are. So start your engines and get to class!  


Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash.

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