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spice up holiday sex

5 Ways to Spice Up Holiday Sex

The holidays come with loads of family, food, and stress. From gift shopping for everyone and their momma to your momma competing with your pernil (her is always better, FYI), our anxiety level is at an all time high. Especially if you’re hosting and fear that one tio that gets naked wasted after one-too-many Coronas. Well, do you know what’s the best way to relieve stress? (Besides kicking all of your relatives to the curve after chugging Coquito) Sex! That’s right, it’s time to deck the halls and get freaky. Spice up holiday sex this holiday season to ease the tension. 

5 Ways to Spice Up Holiday Sex

Bang under the mistletoe.

Kissing isn’t the only thing you can do under the mistletoe. In fact, I suggest you take it to the bedroom and get freaky right under it’s leafiness. To make it extra exciting, seduce your partner right when they walk in the door. Take their hand and walk them right under the mistletoe in your home. Cause spontaneity is one of the best ways to spice up holiday sex!

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Dress up like a sexy Christmas tree.

Wrap yourself up in tinsel and tie a sparkling star over your head. Release your sexy tresses. Play Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” and saunter over to your significant other. Give him a holiday treat he won’t forget — you.

Become his flan. 

Postre doesn’t have to come in a pan! After you feed your family, drink to drown their complaints, and serve everyone dessert, become your partner’s dessert. To spice up holiday sex, take a piece of holiday flan and rub it’s caramel sweetness on your boobs. Squirt some whip cream on your nipples and let him lick it off. Do this while your family is in the living room, dancing to Romeo Santos. You’ll be in the bathroom knocking boots while they scuff the dance floor with their heels. 

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Have a pre-cooking quickie.

Before you put the turkey in the oven, get completely naked and put on a sexy apron. Ask your honey to come over to help you in the kitchen. Surprise! You need help getting…pleasured. Let your mate bang you against the kitchen sink or on top of the dining room table. Just be sure to clean up before your relatives come over.

Get sexy inside your car.

Sometimes you just have to get away for a quickie when your family is over for the holidays! Instead of putting your head in the oven, sneak out to your car with your significant partner. Tell your family you’re going to buy more bags of ice. Ask your honey to come with you and go at it like teenagers in the backseat of your car. If your family is driving you extra crazy, just don’t come back. 



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