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Why Social Media Can Ruin Relationships

Many men that I’ve dated hate how active I am on the ‘Gram. They felt social media was an unnecessary invasion of privacy. I, on the other hand, am an oversharer. Elated that I finally met a romantic partner, I would take selfies galore, plastering my new love and a play-by-play of our love journey on Instagram. I didn’t see any harm in it until a breakup occurred and I had to delete all photographic evidence of our relationship. I grew tired of explaining over DM why I was single once again, and I soon realized there were too many folks in my business. A lack of privacy is one of the many ways that social media ruins relationships. Well, aside from taking a photo of your bae while he sleeps and posting it to Instagram with the caption: Love of my life #foreverandalways. Don’t do that.

Sharing our relationship on social media is a personal choice.

Discuss your obsessive posting on social media with your significant other. That way they know exactly what they are getting regarding your lack of need for privacy. If after this conversation they express that they desire to stay offline and don’t want to appear on your social profiles, take it seriously. (Only jump to conclusions that he’s hiding your relationship if he’s very active on his personal social profiles.) If you don’t respect your partner’s need for privacy, it can be a recipe for conflict.

Social media ruins relationships due to outside interference.

You already have your momma, your sister, and your BFF all up in your relationship’s business. When you share your love on social media you open the door for even more outside interference – especially if you’re that couple that fights with Facebook posts. .

Your perfectly crafted social media relationship isn’t real.

It’s so much easier to present a perfect relationship on Facebook than to actually work on relationship issues. You share your travel plans, post anniversary photos, and dedicate songs to one another. This gives off the impression that you and your significant other are always happy. (Unless you’re that couple that fights online with little regard to your perfectly crafted social media relationship.) It’s not real, so why post at all?

Social media ruins relationships due to embarrassment.

If your bae is a private person, not a regular social media user, or rather keep your relationship offline, they may feel like hiding under a rock when you post photos of your private time. This is especially the case if you have thousands of followers or friends that, let’s face it, you don’t actually have a relationship with. Ask your partner what’s appropriate to share. Create guidelines so they don’t feel embarrassed every time you hit “post.”

You’re not as present when your always on social media.

A recent study showed that couples who don’t share their relationship online are 128% happier than those who do. That’s probably because you are creating memories with your partner versus capturing memories to post on the ‘Gram.

Put down your phone and be present. That #couplegoals selfie can wait. Or maybe you don’t have to post it at all. Respect your relationship. Cherish it and your connection privately. Return to the good ol’ days when you’d get over a breakup by dancing that man right out of your hair.

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