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Elizabeth Gives a Guy Her Number for the First Time

Elizabeth Gives a Guy Her Number for the First Time

It was Elizabeth’s first time being that bold. Watch her #FearlessFriday moment!

After hitting puberty and convincing myself I was indeed “the shit,” I became a bold mujer. So bold that I would stare across the room into the eyes of the man that I desired without blinking an eye. And trust me, I blink a alot!

Bacardi and Coke had a lot to do with my intensity and boldness, but I have to give myself some props here. Especially since prepubescent Sujeiry flirted as easily as a toddler is potty trained. NOT EASY AT ALL!

potty training gif

Still, I never actually gave a guy my number. I always waited for the man in questions to man up and ask for my digits. I’d flirt hard enough and therefore show that I was interested enough that I didn’t think I had to be so overt. Unfortunately, not all the guys I wanted took the next step and asked me on a date or even to take this shit outside the club. There were a handful of times that I’d put my best moves on a guy (see: hair flipping, smiling and shoulder touching) and he would leave my side, after hours of dancing, drinking and giving me all of his attention, without making a move.

It would infuriate me. Why didn’t he just ask me for my number so we can take this flirt fest outside the club? Better yet, why didn’t I just ask him for his number or give him mine?

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That’s what Elizabeth did. When attending an event this newly single and divorced Boricua from the BX approached a guy and gave him her number. Just like that. It was Elizabeth’s first time being that bold, and we at Love Sujeiry commend her for it. Press play and watch Elizabeth tell her #FearlessFriday story. And tell us, how have you been fearless lately? 

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Elizabeth is 32 year old, Bronx native and Nuyorican with a passion for research and sharing news. An avid reader, she is a lifelong student who loves to travel, explore new cultures, and writing about current events.


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