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Aaay! I Dress LIke a Vieja Now

Aaay! I Dress LIke a Vieja Now

I wish I could return to that 16-year-old Sujeiry that lived in crop tops.

I’ve always felt that I have great personal style. Color me Carrie Bradshaw (with a hint of Charlotte York) but I love bright hues, trends and feminine silhouettes and materials. Show me a velvet red dress and I can’t refuse. Gimme some sparkle and I’ll gladly weeeerk it at a Marc Anthony concert. And yaaaaaaaaaaaass to wearing different patterns.


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Then I met Boo, and he often questions my fashion choices…passively.

“Is that what you’re wearing?” “That’s an interesting outfit.” “Are you not supposed to match?”

He goes on and on and on. So much that I used to wonder if I looked like a loca. Am I more Carrie than I am Charlotte? Or worse, am I Carrie on weed?

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I’ve deduced that neither is the case. However, I do feel like my personal style is changing now that I am a mom. I want to be as stylish and sexy as I am comfortable. and sometimes that’s hard to come by.

I wake up in the morning, look at my color-coordinated outfit (that’s divided into outfits), and usually pull out the same leggings and warm, velvety sweaters. But, I want to look better. I want to wear 2.5-inch heels to work and plush, sexy dresses that hug my curves and accentuate my ass. Instead, I go for what is easy. 

PLUS: Impostor Syndrome Is Messing With My Life

It’s also difficult to shop due to lack of time. I’ve been all about shopping online lately and it takes me hours to find the right outfit.  I obsess over reviews, meassurements and buyer photos. Often times I don’t buy anything or when I do I have buyers remorse. 

Um, this is not the same color as advertised! 

So, damn you, Boo! And #momlife! And aging! I wish I could return to that 16-year-old Sujeiry who’d wear colorful crop tops, exposing her belly button even in winter. Nothing like a great sweater to cover up whenever I was out in the cold!
Alas, I am an adult now. My stomach is neither flat nor toned to pull off a mid-drift, and that shit definitely isn’t comfy. I confess all this on this week’s #ConfessionTime video. Press play to hear about my fashion faux oldie strife!

P.S. That sweater vest sure is cute though, right? RIGHT?!!!!!!!!!

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