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Shahs of Sunset Recap: The Shah-Shank Redemption

Dr. Golnessa Therapy Inc is back as the voice of reason on episode 7 of Shahs of Sunset. In The “Shah-Shank Redemption,” the Persian frenemies discuss what happened at Destiney’s Halloween party. GG sits with Zsa Zsa Gabor, Frank Sinatra, and Destiney (no, she isn’t seeing ghosts while sipping on drinks at a strip club) and asks the questions on all of our minds: who gives a fuck if Mike wants to be a cheater? 

Destiney says she thinks he’s gross. GG points out, with Ph.D. in hand, that what Mike does and who he bangs shouldn’t factor into their friendship. I wholeheartedly agree. Unless Destiney is Mike’s partner, it’s none of her business. Destiny defends herself again, stating she is Paulina’s friend. But Paulina is a big girl and chooses to stay with Mike despite his infidelity and reputation. Everybody and their momma knows that Mike can’t keep it in his pants.  

Speaking of a former self-proclaimed hoe, Reza brings me to tears when he speaks to his ghostwriter. Reza, who is writing a memoir, shares his struggles with being a gay Persian Jew and never feeling accepted. He admits he wanted to commit suicide and my heart bleeds for him and anyone who feels that alone. 

And just like that, I am back to happiness when I see Shams running around and screeching in MJ’s kitchen. MJ is setting up individual charcuterie boards for her all-girls slumber party. Golnessa walks in with a side-eye as she still distrusts MJ and her “efforts.” And, while I agree that MJ can be shady as hell, Golnessa has done her share of lying. I am an MJ apologist and she is trying, dammit! 

The rest of the women show up and they take the party outside for drinks and games sans a board game or playing cards. They start asking each other sex questions, like, where was the craziest place you’ve had sex? MJ shares she had sex at the Playboy Mansion and GG confirms that MJ’s freak number is a 10 out of 10. 

On the other side of town, the men take Mike ax throwing and nobody cares. I much rather go back to talking about sex and the situation with Mike. 

Dr. Golnessa defends Mike yet again because Destiney is still harping on how he’s a cheating cheater who lies. And although Mike said that he can buy and sell Destiney, GG is right: Destiney was talking shit too. If you can’t dish it, then don’t try to cook, host a Halloween party, and wear a whack-ass Beetlejuice costume. 

On the men’s end, Nema makes an insightful observation about Mike and Destiney. They just don’t trust each other. At the pajama party, London echoes Nema’s sentiment when asking Destiney, “what was so aggravating that made you get physical toward him?” There is something deeper than just Mike. And in the next scene with Reza and Destiney, we learn why Destiney was so triggered. She shares that she had a stalker in college and, therefore, is terrified when men act aggressive toward her or have aggressive tendencies. We now understand (and I can relate) why she is triggered by abrasiveness. 

What I don’t understand is why we needed a scene of Destiney washing her car. Please, editors, stop trying to make Destiney happen! 

And in what can be described as a perfect ending to an episode with intense undertones, we see Mike walk onto the beach with a blue, mom-inspired duffel bag. As he repeats, “lead with love, lead with love, lead with love,” he prays to God and says he wants to take accountability for his wrongdoing. “I’m better than that,” he says in his confessional. And I agree, Mike. Despite being a cheating cheater who lies that blames his friends for his faults, I do believe Mike has a good heart. Destiney shares her side and her triggers, and I feel for her also. These Persian frenemies aren’t perfect and I love them for it.

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