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Shahs of Sunset Recap: Friendsgiving Disaster

It’s Friendsgiving time on episode 8 of Shah’s of Sunset, and it’s always odd to recap a show filmed during the fall season while I’m wearing a tank top and panties. Speaking of underwear (it’s correlated, I swear!) Nema meets with London, the real life coach of the group, to explore potential reasons why Golnessa hates him. Nema assumes GG is angry at him because he didn’t take off her panties last season to do the dirty. And now that the joke came full circle, let’s begin this Shah’s of Sunset recap.

Shah’s of Sunset Recap: Friendsgiving Disaster

During my last Shah’s of Sunset recap, I spoke about my disinterest for Nema. Like GG, I just don’t fuck with him. However, his conversation with London stirred a little something something in my heart. While discussing possible friendship reconciliation strategies, Nema admits that he didn’t have sex with GG last season because she was drunk and he didn’t want to take advantage of her. And I respect that. And Nema may be growing on me like a shower (not a grower) but never his teeth. This means the producers are either psychic or they’re manipulating the audience with awesome editing and footage to sell us Nema. Regardless, London in the MVT (Most Valuable Therapist, sorry Golnessa!) and does a great job of psychoanalyzing Golnessa. She believes GG just wants Nema to be real. Turns out London is the real psychic here.

With London’s coaching in his back pocket, Nema contacts GG to sit down for a chat. As GG walks into the restaurant, she says something so poignant about Nema that I feel at my core. “Nema is like clay. I don’t know who he really is.” Bingo. That’s fucking it. Damn. London was right, GG is an empath! I need to book London for a session.

Destiney’s Intrusion Continues

You know who I won’t be contacting anytime soon? Destiney. Her only storyline is Mike and Paulina’s relationship. She visits Reza and shares the tea on her beach talk with Mike and claims to be upset that Paulina has gone MIA. Destiney wonders why, I deduce it’s probably because Destiney screamed at Paulina’s boyfriend at the Halloween party. No matter how foul Mike is, Paulina is standing my her man. And Reza is there for the gossip of it all. He shares that he cares and understands what Mike is going through before he was also a hoe. As messy and manipulative as Reza is, I do believe he pushes Mike because he sees him former self in Mike and wants his friend to change. We all do this. We all advise, counsel, and, ultimately, prod our friends to do what we think is best for them. But some friends need to be left to their own devices, even if those devices are cell phones used to sext women other than your girlfriend.

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Before Mike and Reza meet to make amends for Friendsgiving, MJ leans into the Mother Teresa role. After an earlier scene of MJ taking a walk with Shams while reciting affirmations, she sits down with Mike. She wants all of her friends, including herself, to “stop being bitter and stop harboring resentments.” But can Mike and Reza get it together before Friendsgiving? Unlikely.

Low Blows with Bros

Mike and Reza finally sit down to talk (there’s been a lot of that this episode) and Mike accuses Reza of low blows. He takes some accountability of hitting below the belt as well. But only some. Cause…Mike. “I have an issue when stuff bleeds into my life,” Reza retaliates. Reza is speaking about Paulina and how she shared Mike’s sexting screenshots to the entire group. All in all, this is a real conversation between two friends that trigger each other. As someone who has been the constant confidant to many of my friends, I can imagine that Mike has gone to Reza in the past with all of his dirt. Yet Mike is still accusing Reza of sending spoof messages. Reza denies sending them. I think Reza did send them because Reza is messy AF, however, Mike is using this to deflect from his indiscretions. And with that Reza drives off with a, “Thank you for your time.”

Friendsgiving Time

It’s Friendsgiving time and Paulina is still nowhere to be seen. She is over it and doesn’t want to be used as a a storyline (or maybe that’s Mike). The table is over it and literally catches on fire. London is over serving food and is the worst host ever. Nema, who is the co-host of this event, doesn’t even try helping London and is straight chilling with the guys at the table. And Mike is over Reza not taking accountability. And we’re off to the races!

Mike accuses Reza of talking to him like a boy (true) and wants Reza to be his ride or die. Then he uses an analogy about gluing together a broken vase and loses me. I come to when he mentions the elusive spoof messages again and calls Paulina so we hear her side of the story. The all want to know why she’s not around anymore. Paulina is put on the spot, she doesn’t want to talk about it. Until GG comes to this episode and reprises her role as the head bitch of GG Therapy LLC. Paulina got them all involved in their relationship when she forwarded screenshots of Mike’s sexts to the group. Immediately, Mike wants to hang up the phone, but Paulina has something else to say.

That’s where this Shah’s of Sunset recap ends, folks. With another cliffhanger and the Shahs bringing it back to where the season began – the fall of Mike.



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