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sex and the city character

My Very Warped Version of a Sex and the City Character

Welcome new subscribers to the Latinx Chronicles! We are so thrilled to have you here where we amplify Latinx voices and stories. To learn more about us, visit our about page. Now, here is today’s story sharing my very warped version of Sex and the City and myself, as a Sex and the City character.

Donning tight pleather leggings, black high-heeled boots and a bright red sweater, I walked into Helen’s New York in the Meatpacking District with my friends, Harper, Viviana, and Luna. With them by my side, I felt cooler than cool because, combined, they possessed the personality traits that I wish I had.

Boys gagged over Harper, a beauty queen with long legs, big breasts, and even bigger confidence; Viviana’s green eyes and soulful conversations penetrated your very core; and Luna’s exuberant laugh and sensual nature made one feel at ease and intrigued all at once.

Spending nights with them exploring bars in the city, trading dating stories, and celebrating professional wins, felt like my own version of Sex and the City. I became enraptured with my new friend group, temporarily abandoning childhood friends who had married and hunkered down in suburbia. It was the friend group that I always desired, a collective sisterhood of Latina women that related and supported each other. Their feminine energy inspired me while simultaneously intimidating me as I often felt that I didn’t measure up.

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I wasn’t seductive, like Harper; my version of sexy was less sultry lioness and more graceless baby horse.

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