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I Want to Start Connecting with Loved Ones Offline

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I Want to Start Connecting with Loved Ones Offline

I Want to Start Connecting with Loved Ones Offline

We have gone from bright and beautiful social butterflies to there two-dimensional emoticon counterpart.

There was a time in my life where I could not understand romantic relationships. The idea of spending so much time with one person seemed very dull and I, being a child of A.D.D, have always feared boredom. My mind played an endless loop of running out of things to say and thinking that there is something else out there. Luckily, I’ve matured and learned that the idea that played in my head is not reality. When a person is interesting and when you have things in common there is no dullness. Instead, there are witty conversations and the opportunity to grow together.

This is all well and good if we actually spent any real time together. Although we are living in a time where we are more connected than ever, we actually spend less time connecting with each other. At any given moment you can find me via email, on Gchat, on Facebook and Twitter or over text, and if you’re feeling up to it you can (gasp!) also call me. This also rings true for 99% of my friends.

We have gone from bright and beautiful social butterflies to there two-dimensional emoticon counterpart. You know what I’m talking about, the kind that flutters for two seconds and then remains stagnant.

The more time that passes the more we focus on our online persona. I’ll be honest, I have a friend who I have entire conversations only using emoticons.

Me: And then he said smiley face emoji fun
Her: What? Did you do this? tongue out emoji fun

Yes, it’s easier to send someone a text rather than call them. Or catch up via email than meeting someone for dinner. But there is something about human contact. Something about actually hearing someone laugh rather than seeing an “lol.” Don’t get me wrong. I love technology. There was a time when my mom spent hundreds of dollars on phone cards to the Dominican Republic. Now? She can use the Internet and call relative for very cheap, or actually see her loved ones via Skype (My mom is technologically challenged, this is like magic to her.) Now we can see our loved ones across state lines and continents. Skype and the evolution of technology is single handedly saving long distance relationships.

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Prior to this kind of technology, we were only able to call on a Zach Morris looking phone.

zack morris old cell phones

Technology still amazes me in a way I don’t think it does to the younger generation as they’re growing up with texting. They even write in a certain way and this is even evident in the classroom. My friend, a teacher, got an email from a student written the way they would on an instant messenger: H8t3r!LOLZ.

For real.

All in all, human beings learned about relationships by relating with each other. Now they’re learning about relationships through the veil of technology. So I say let’s enjoy the benefits of technology but let’s also keep in touch with our humanity. Let’s meet each other for drinks, dinner, laughter and hugs. Sounds ridiculous? Maybe. But I would much rather be a vibrant social butterfly than anything close to an emoji.

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Larissa Vasquez is a writer and blogger based in New York City.


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