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A Self-Love Exercise on Decision Making

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you showed yourself a little more love…a little more acceptance…a little more grace? If you haven’t, I have a story to share about how my life changed once I decided to see my worth and love myself more. Plus, there’s a special bonus: a self-love exercise:

Before I get into it, I want to note why I use the word “decide.” Working on self-love is a choice. And it’s one that I make daily and take very seriously. Because I know what it’s like to feel like I am worthless. It opens up a can of worms where I:

  • make fear-based decisions
  • bend over back to please others
  • struggle with saying no and, instead, say yes to people and circumstances that do not align with who I am and what I want from life and relationships
  • don’t speak up because of a fear of rejection, abandonment, and/or rocking the boat
  • listen to the advice of others instead of my intuition. 

Rinse and repeat.

I can go on and on, my self-love champions, but I choose to focus on all the progress that I have made instead. That’s where my story comes in.

This Is What Happens When You Love Yourself (Self-Love Exercise)

Recently, I loved myself enough to leave a job that did not resonate with my passions, skillset, personality, and, ultimately, what I want to do professionally. My friends tried to talk me out of it, they said, “Give it a chance!” but I knew that time wouldn’t change how awful I felt with the duties that the job entailed. So, at the end of day 2, I emailed HR and quit.

Crazy, right? Maybe. But guess what happened next? I received an email to interview for a job that I had applied to months before. A job that checked all of my boxes regarding the lifestyle it would provide me and the skills I would use in the role. A job that I had completely forgotten about and would not have been available for if I listened to everyone else, and I didn’t quit a job that felt oh-so-wrong for me. 

Suddenly, I was open to receive a job that aligned with my values, my strengths, and my passion for technology and writing. Saying “Adios!’ to the former job and standing up for myself despite how nuts, irresponsible, and unprofessional (enter every other negative adjective you can think of here) I appeared is a form of self-love. (This is what the self-love exercise will teach you to do, just you wait!)

  • I loved myself enough to not give a fuck how it looked that I left a job after 2 days.
  • I loved myself enough to shrug off the judgment of others. 
  • I loved myself enough to do what felt right for me and my life at the time. Because it is my life to live.
  • I loved myself enough to forgive myself for making that decision in the first place. 

Because I showed myself a little more love, I’ve embraced my talents and passions. Because I showed myself a little more acceptance, I am writing every day, sometimes twice a day. Because I showed myself a little more grace, I am leaning into my full, magnificent, complex, deep, funny, creative, stubborn, strategic, loving, spontaneous personality.

And I got the job that I wanted all along. 

Get my self-love practice here!

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Sujeiry Gonzalez (Love Sujeiry) is a Digital Publisher, Author, Connector, and Self-Love Advocate. Founder of, her mission is to provide expert resources and insightful and relatable content that guides Latinx women to love and embrace their authentic selves. Her writing has been published in Hip Latina, Well + Good, Madamenoire, Latina, YourTango. She also hosted her own radio show on SiriusXM (LoveSujeiry). Currently, Sujeiry resides on Long Island with her son, Evan, enjoying all things astrology (Aries sun, Capi rising!), hosting (she throws a mean party), and karaoke (she’s always Riri).

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