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Saturn Square Uranus? Take Cover, Capricon Rising!

Feeling the influence of Saturn Square Uranus? As a Capricorn rising, it’s hitting me hard, yo. I feel like taking cover (from myself) as this astrological transit is making decision-making quite difficult. I’m in an internal tug-of-war and it’s just the beginning. This astrological transit began on February 2021 and it came to a head (exact degrees) on June 14th, 2021. It’s happening again on December 24, 2021. There goes the holiday season!

Ok, I’m being a bit dramatic. We can and will survive this astrological transit. If you want to know how Saturn Square Uranus may affect you as a Capricorn rising, and how to handle this yearlong astrological transit, read on!

What’s Saturn and Uranus Got To Do With It?

Before we get into this intense transit, we must learn the ways of Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is Capricorn’s astrological papi. He represents security, stability, government, institutions, and the traditional way of life. He does not like change and expects his astro kiddos to stick their head in the sand and GET TO WORK! Saturn is basically a hardass, and as Capricorn risings, we feel it in every aspect of our life. Now, Uranus is all about living your best life on your terms. In others words…

Ruler of Aquarius, he doesn’t like feeling confined, put in a box (WHAT’S IN THE BOX! RIP Gwenyth Paltrow’s character in Seven), or being told what to do. Uranus pushes us to live life on our terms, to use technology and innovation daily (like when blogging), and to be our authentic selves even if it shocks people. Oh, Uranus is like a lightning bolt! Unpredictable, he disrupts our lives in ways that can cause us to feel like hot messes. (See: my entire life).

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Saturn and Uranus Are Frenemies

As you can imagine, Saturn and Uranus have a difficult time getting along. They desire the complete opposite of one another. Saturn wants us to choose the practical and safe approach, Uranus wants us to rip the bandaid off, dive in, and do what feels right despite the consequences. Saturn is methodical, Uranus is impulsive. So, you can imagine what happens when they “square” and how it influences our lives. It’s like an astrological duel.

The Saturn Square Uranus Struggle Buss

If you’re a Capricorn rising like me, you’re going to feel the Saturn Square Uranus in your second house and fifth house. Saturn is now in our second house and Uranus is now in our fifth house, but that’s only if you’re using the Whole Sign House System, which divides every house evenly. If you’re using the Placidus House System, you may have Uranus in your 4th house or in your 5th house. To figure this out, create a free chart on astro.com, find your rising sign, and look at where Uranus is (it is currently in the sign of Taurus) and what house it falls in for you. Also, there is no correct house system. I take both into account when reading my chart and deciphering how planetary energies may affect me.

Watch It! Astro Talk: Saturn Square Uranus Video

Now, back to the houses! The second house rules how we earn money, finances, and our value (how much we expect to earn due to our self-worth). The fifth house rules creativity and creative projects, entrepreneurship, children, dating, and our passions and hobbies. During the Saturn Square Uranus transit, Capricorn risings (using the Whole House System) will feel a tug-of-war between making money the good-old fashion way and making money through creativity. You may feel the urge to quit a job that you hate and to start a business (Uranus), but fear what this sudden change may mean for your financial security and long-term stability (Saturn). It’s a doozy, I say. I am feeling this right now. So, how do we navigate this year-long transit? With balance, my astrological friends.

Balance Your Need for Freedom and Security

We shouldn’t go to extremes right now. If you hate your job and want to quit, for example, quit when you have a backup or when you’ve saved enough to sustain yourself financially. Strategize your exit (Saturn) instead of walking out abruptly with a bang (Uranus). Now, if you’re set to go, do so without guilt. Uranus urges us to live an authentic existence and be a little selfish, and that might mean pissing some people off. Especially your former boss. Uranus asks us to stop caring about what others think. In other words, DO YOU.

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As for me, I’m embracing these energies as a lesson. I feel myself evolving. I am writing daily. I know who I am and my soul purpose. I am a writer. So I’m going to be a writer. I’m utilizing the Saturn Square Uranus energy to take calculated, creative risks. And that’s exactly how to do it.



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