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What It Means to Have Saturn in the 8th House (Natal Chart)

When you hear Saturn, do you want to run away and hide? I sure do. Because Saturn is a tough planet. And having Saturn in the 8th house as a woman is even tougher. Sure, you’ll live a long life, but that life is often filled with struggles and loneliness. But, I’m getting ahead of myself! Let’s break down what it means to have Saturn in the 8th house as a woman, starting with what the 8th house means and Saturn’s typical energy and characteristics. 

What It Means to Have Saturn in the 8th House (Natal Chart)

The 8th House Meaning

The 8th house represents other people’s money (think taxes, inheritance, your partners money), intimacy and sex, the occult (astrology, tarot, divination), the taboo, things we must leave behind, and death and transformation. 

Saturn Meaning in Astrology

Saturn rules Capricorn and is the planet of limitations, rules and regulations, structure, obligations, karma, hard work, determination, and lessons and success after tribulations and understanding our limitations. 

So, what does this mix produce? Limitations and lessons regarding other people’s money, intimacy and sex, and yes, even the taboo (ooh la la!).

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Saturn in the 8th House (Natal Chart)

If you have Saturn in the 8th house of your natal chart, you are a Capricorn rising just like I am. Our 8th house is ruled by Leo and it represents all that I indicated above only with a Leo flair (fiery, dynamic, performative, center of attention, ego). 

When you have Saturn in the 8th house, you can often feel that you struggle with finances in a relationship. You may marry a partner (Saturn rules the father and spouse as well) that is stingy or doesn’t want to share finances and resources, or build your finances together. Also, Saturn in the 8th house natives are often attracted to partners that are hard and stoic, due to Saturn’s influence in this area of the chart. Partners are often authoritative hard asses that believe it is their responsibility (Saturn) to teach their partner lessons. 

This Natal Placement and Romantic Relationships

Sex may also become a problem in relationships because you might struggle with intimacy. You may even limit yourself when exploring sexual fantasies. You may also go from one extreme to the other, either living a sexually free life or being a prude. Most people with Saturn in the 8th house in their natal chart fear being vulnerable and are often noncommittal, making it increasingly difficult to be in a long-term relationship. 

You may also feel misunderstood in relationships. You might not feel heard or seen, or feel that when you communicate people misinterpret what you say. 

Let’s Talk Money

As for money, you may struggle with accumulating money until later in life. Like, maybe you have to pay back money to the IRS or you’re owed money and never receive it. That includes mortgages and delays in inheritances. 

The Good News

There is good news, I promise! Once you learn Saturn’s lessons your life will have security and stability. You’ll eventually learn to let your guard down and intimately bond with a partner in a special way. It will, however, probably occur later in life. 

Back to money. If you work hard and keep plowing ahead, you will receive a blessing! Whether that’s from an ex-spouse (alimony), taxes, mortgage, or even an inheritance, once you learn Saturn’s lessons you will benefit greatly. 

And guess what else? If you have Saturn in the 8th house in your natal chart, it is said that you will live a long life. A long life…with a lot of lessons! Aaay! 

All in all, Saturn’s lessons help us transform so we are a better, more self-aware, and a happier version of ourselves. 

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