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7 Role Play Ideas to Add to Your Sexy Time

Been in a long-term relationship and experiencing a sex rut? You’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re going to share role play ideas to ramp up the fun during sexy time. 

It’s easy to stick with the same old position with your partner, especially after having kids. You do it missionary or ride him like a cowgirl, get off, and then literally get off and go to sleep. You’re lucky if you get a snuggle in at all. That’s why you need to take a risk. Saddle up, put away the VIvaporu, throw on something sexy, and take notes. Here are 7 role play ideas to add to your sexy time repertoire.

7 Role Play Ideas to Add to Your Sexy Time

Be an international bedroom star. 

Whether you are a Bollywood star and decide to dance your way to his groin or a prim and proper Brit that needs to let loose with a spanking, it’s sexy AF to pretend to be from another country or culture. Change your accent. Add dialogue. Tap into your international connections and emulate them. And you don’t even have to be politically correct in the bedroom! 

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Let me be your superhero. 

Can I be your hero, baby? Yes you can! Dress up like the iconic Linda Carter and play Wonder Woman. Use your sexiness and badass power to whip him into shape. Whether he is the one you save or the villain you zap is up to how dirty you want to play it. 

Hola mama?

Some role play ideas aren’t for the faint of heart, which is why I share this idea with a disclaimer: be careful if this freaks him out. Now, on with it!

Use his momma’s boy complex to your advantage and give him a little extra TLC…while playing the role of a doting mother. Tuck him into bed. Sooth him with baby talk. Cook him some chicken soup before you let him suck on your nipple. That’s a good boy! 

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Tussling on the floor isn’t just for wrestlers. A great role play idea is to dress up and transform yourself into Mil Mascaras and be just as infamous. The pre-sex skin-to-skin contact is perfect foreplay. Grab his booty and grope his member while you have him pinned down. Trust me, he’ll let you! 

Take a stab at Game of Thrones

On Game of Thrones, banging like rabbits is kind of their thing and can service as inspiration for your sex life. Go to a costume store and find your get up. Conquer your mate and revel in your power, like Cersei. Just don’t mention the brother. 

Do Like La Lopez does

JLo oozes sex appeal, especially when she dances. If you’re a natural performer, get on the floor (your bedroom floor that is) and shimmy like La Lopez does on stage. The best role play ideas always stem from our skills. So shake those hips, mujer! 

Olivia Pope it up

He can be your President. You can be his mistress campaign manager. Throw on a power suit and play out one of Fitz’ and Olivia’s epic moments. Full for effect, quiver your lip. Soon enough, Mr. President will inaugurate your lady parts.



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