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The RHOC on How to Be a Shitty Friend


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The RHOC on How to Be a Shitty Friend

Shit got really real when Heather Dubrow called Vicky a “stupid little bitch.”

I’ve been a fan of the Real Housewives of Orange County since its inception. You know, with Vicky’s original face and Gina’s hot yet douchetastic son, Shane. I even embraced Tamra and – don’t stone me – still enjoy her on the show. It’s an unpopular opinion much like the outrage of fans when newest housewife, Kelly Dodd, was mean-girled by Shannon, Heather and Tamra.

On their trip to Ireland the women of RHOC reverted to teenagers with their cliquish and isolating behavior. They were The Worst. But, they’re fabulous? Some may think so because of their fame and fortune. If you want to just like the Real Housewives of Orange County, follow these steps to be a shitty friend.

Plow your friend with alcohol.


Your “friend” can’t handle her alcohol and often makes an ass out of herself when drunk; yet you plow her with alcohol. That’s what Shannon tried to do to Kelly at dinner. Even though Kelly repeatedly stated she wasn’t interested in drinking (not even her beloved tequila) Shannon ordered her a drink. Afterward, she snuck into the kitchen to make it a double. Pssst, Shannon, your mic was still on.

The only explanation: Shannon wanted to get Kelly drunk. ‘Cause a wasted Kelly is a crazy Kelly, and she’s already pretty loca.

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Throw her parenting skills under the bus.

RHOC Kelly Dod Quote

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Kelly is not innocent. I’m calling her out on trashing Tamra’s parenting skills. Her “no wonder her kid doesn’t talk to her” comment was a low blow because…Kelly. It’s what she does!

Even if Tamra did physically push Kelly off camera, Kelly should have left the kids out of the drama. But noooo! She had to reciprocate the terrible behavior and throw Tamra’s mom skills under the bus.

Deny any wrongdoing.

Vicky RHOC nailed to cross

Like Vicky! I admit that I adore the OG of the OC. She’s funny, ditzy, hard working and business savvy. Plus, her constant need to have her love tank filled makes for great TV. But Vicky can’t admit she’s wrong. It was wrong of her not to defend Kelly during the bus ride to the airport. She should have told the ladies to back off. Instead, she remained quiet for fear of rocking the boat and ruining her renewed RHOC “friendships.”

Call her a “stupid little bitch.”

Heather Dubrow RHOC Declasse

Shit got déclassé when Heather Dubrow, the Queen of Champs and Refinement, called Vicky a “stupid little bitch.” I gasped! I gagged! Heather is just as gangsta as Tamra! I’m curious to see how she will defend her title of Fancy Pants on the RHOC reunion. I’m sure she will try because…Heather.

And never apologize.

jealous vicky rhoc quote

Vicky didn’t apologize for abandoning Kelly when she was kicked in the gut (metaphorically). Shannon didn’t apologize for trying to get Kelly drunk so she’d unravel. Heather never apologizes for being a condescending know-it-all. And Tamra only apologizes when Mia, her God-loving physical trainer and mentor, tells her to. In fact, the only person who apologized was Kelly, which says a lot about her character. A great friend takes accountability for her actions.

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Does that mean Kelly is the only member of the RHOC to befriend? Nah. She behaves just as childish as the rest of the housewives. I’m surprised to say that only leaves Meghan King Edmonds. And that may just be The Worst.

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