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repurpose blog content for social media

Repurpose Social Media Content for Your Blog

I adore creating content. Having the God-given talent to use words to tell a story with words, to make graphics to deliver a message, and to produce video content that makes people laugh is indeed a blessing. You know what else it is? A lot of work. From writing a blog post to filming and editing video to creating and sharing content on social media (and engaging!) the life of a creative is exhausting. Which is why bloggers burn out, vloggers stop posting on YouTube, and creatives give up their dreams all together.

So, how can we as multimedia content creators and business owners work smarter and not harder? You have to learn to repurpose blog content for social media.

Damn, Sujeiry, how do I do that? And, hold up – isn’t that cheating? Ummmm, nope. Most businesses repurpose blog content for social media because it saves them time and money. Also, your audience may miss important tips that you shared on your blog because they live on the ‘gram. That’s why it’s essential to have a content strategy for SEO and for your social media content.

Tip 1: Use an SEO Blog Content Planner.

I suggest using an SEO Blog Content Planner to save you time and energy. With a content planner, you can (you guessed it!) plan your content in advance for your blog and social media. You can also pinpoint the keywords you will use for each blog post in order to increase your organic traffic thanks to good-old SEO. I use Keyword Revealer to do my SEO keyword searches.

Tip 2: Decide WHERE you will share your content.

You want one piece of content to deliver on all platforms. So you have to decide WHERE you want to share it before you create that ah-mazing blog post. Will it be on IG, Pinterest, or Twitter – or all of the above? This will help you plan your content according to that particular platform as not all social media platforms are created equal.


Tip 3: Decide HOW you will share the content.

What medium will you use? Will you take a blog and turn your tips into a video? Or will you create a graphic for Pinterest and Instagram for your feed? Use the SEO Blog Content Planner to decide what social media platforms you will utilize and how you will exactly share your blog through repurposing.

Lastly, remember that you don’t have to repurpose every blog you’ve ever written. Before you decide what content you will repurpose for social media, think about your audience (where they live digitally) and what you’re selling (your business). Always ask yourself, what value does this content provide my people (audience) and will it help me sell my service and/or products?

Once you have that all organized you can begin the process of repurposing blog content for your specific social media platforms. Now, go off and live a creative life that supports your biz and doesn’t kill your mojo!




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