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Dating short men

6 Reasons to Start Dating Short Men

I once dated a guy that was a whopping 5 foot 3. Although I’m only 5 foot 2, I towered over him in three inch heels. But I adored my short stuff and I’ve continued dating short men throughout my life. Call me an equal opportunity lover, but I believe Napoleon-statured men need love too! 

Still not convinced? Let me break down the benefits inch by inch. In this case, six. Here are six reasons to start dating short men.

6 Reasons to Start Dating Short Men

You’ll spend less time in heels (and your feet will thank you). Short men love when women wear flats. They breathe a sigh of relief because you’re literally on their level. So date a short man and give your feet a rest! Work those ballerina slippers all day, every day. Not only will you avoid corns and blisters, but your small fry will also feel grateful.

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They try a little harder. If a man feels he isn’t measuring up, he tries harder to impress us. It’s the Napoleon Complex (I am man, hear me roar!) minus the betrayal and war. You will be his Queen. He will look to you (and potentially look up at you) and think, I am a capable man and will do anything to keep, protect, and cherish this beautiful Amazon.

You can steal his clothes. A girly girl, I rather spend my money on dresses and makeup. There are times, however, when I want to snuggle up to my man in comfy clothes. Great news! When dating short men you can raid their closet and throw on their tees. They’ll probably fit!.

It opens up your dating pool. The average man measures at about 5 foot 6. So, if you’re only open to dating taller men, you may miss out on The One.That shorty that sent you a cocktail from the other side of the bar may rock your world. He may not be the tallest, but he may be the best!

He will be a long-term companion. One scientific study found that shorter men live about two years longer than tall men. Apparently, the vertically challenged aren’t challenged when it comes to awesome DNA. Short men have “lower DNA damage, greater cell replacement potential, and higher heart pumping efficiency.” Take that, tall guys!

Shorties are better suited for certain sexual positions. Having sex standing up with a short guy is much easier. A short guy doesn’t have to lift you up or bend his knees for entry. Just spread ’em and enjoy. Let’s just hope good things do come in small packages. 



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