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These Are The Reasons Your Date Didn’t Call You Back

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These Are The Reasons Your Date Didn’t Call You Back

These Are The Reasons Your Date Didn’t Call You Back

Here’s why he just stopped calling. And no, he didn’t die from Chickenitis!

There’s an epidemic, yo. Like the flu during winter, men are coming down with a serious case of Chickenitis. Symptoms include: frailty, shaky, clammy hands, and forgetfulness. Said symptoms affect us chicas in the following ways:  instead of canceling a date he stands you up; he can’t grab his phone to text you back because of those damn sweaty palms; and he often wonders, who is this woman who keeps calling and asking me why I dropped off the face of the Earth?

We’ve all dated a man with a case of Chickenitis. He’s the boy you went out with on a few dates that never called again. For me, that was Mr. Bachata, who danced a Romeo Santos song with me in the rain only to ghost after date numero 3. 

He’s the guy that picked you up at the local bar. He may even be your ex. No matter where you met or how long you dated he just stopped calling without explanation.

What gives? What went wrong? I’ve summarized a few juicy tidbits from my book, Dating RITE: Advice on Dating Woes from Your Go-to Chica, to give it to you straight. Here’s why he just stopped calling. And no, he didn’t die from Chickenitis!

He’s just not that into you.

Ask Why

It’s sometimes that simple. I’ve asked all my male friends and even Boo about this, and they agree. When a man wants to be with you, he will. He won’t stop calling or play games because he knows what he wants – you. Si no, you just weren’t “it.”

He’s a coward.

running on the beach from a catfish

Some men just don’t want to face a gal. That’s the guy that just stopped calling. He is terrified of being honest and confronting you so he disappears. Often times there are signs of his cowardice before he bounces: he starts pushing you away and becomes much more detached; he doesn’t text as much; and/or he rarely makes plans and pretty much stops putting in effort altogether. When none of this works and he is faced to tell you the truth (that he no longer wants to date you) he runs! Chicken.

He is hiding something.

the lie

You know, like a girlfriend or a wife! If you are the other woman and don’t even know it, eventually, he will stop calling. That’s what happened to me! #Realtalk.

He’s not ready.

all by myself

This is something that we have to accept. Again, if a man wants to commit, he will. Those men that are not ready usually lack a clear direction in life; they don’t know who they are or what they want. Consider this lost boy a lost boy.

You turned him off.

Though it’s rarer than the previous reasons, sometimes he just stopped calling because of something that you did or said. Let’s say he takes you out to dinner and you begin talking about your ex. Instead of focusing on the man in front of you, you go on and on about the last one. This is a red flag for most men and women, as it should be. He will take note and decide right then and there that he doesn’t want to see you, or maybe even speak to you again. You done messed up!

So, the next time you find yourself scratching your head while staring at his number, do yourself a favor and let him go. He’s not considering your feelings. No need to give him any more thought. Besides, if he’s not calling or texting, he wasn’t really yours to begin with. Learn from this and be glad you didn’t catch nasty Chickenitis.

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