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Pursue Your Passion Despite Fear

When God tells you it’s time to pursue your passion you better listen! That’s the lesson I learned after a fear of failure and a lack of value almost convinced me that I wasn’t good enough to pursue my passion and professional goals. Well, I’m hear to tell you the Devil is a liar!

In this video, I share my story about how I recently decided to return to my first love – writing! I had the itch to freelance again and focus on creating content on this very blog and also on Love Sujeiry TV. I also have so much more to accomplish regarding my writing, including publishing another book (my first book, Love Trips, is available on Amazon)! I have to stay motivated despite my fears.

Well, that little voice that stems from self-doubt and fear talked me down for a day. There’s too much competition, I though. I know I’m a great writer, but this will be way to unstable and I need to take care of myself and my child. I can’t pursue my passion and live in La La Land. There were the thoughts running through my messed up, fearful and insecure mind. That’s when God stepped in.

The next day after feeling fearful and full of doubt, and resigning myself to just be like everyone else and leave my dream chasing for bedtime, I stepped into a toxic situation at work. It was abrupt and made me feel completely taken advantage of. It was not pretty, folks, and I had no choice but to stand up for myself and speak up regarding the unfair treatment. I was terrified. My job could be on the line. But I knew that I could no longer allow someone to take advantage of me.

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When you’re meant to pursue your passion you’ll receive signs to continue even when you’re afraid to take the leap.

That was my “aha” moment, my “God is so good!” and “I hear you!” moment. Now I am focused. I am goal setting and goal getting and pursuing my passion of writing and full-time entrepreneurship (and then some!). Slowly but surely I will get there, you will get there!

Has God given you any signs? What goals are you considering? If you need help discovering your passion or need a push to get started,  learn more about my new accountability program where I help you accomplish your goals through creative brainstorming, planning, and ACTION.




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