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Manifesting Self-Love w/ Roxana Colorado

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How do we manifest self-love to live a dope life? (Yes, I just said dope; I’m an 80’s child!) I dish on this with Roxana Colorado, a humanitarian, artist, and international strategic business planner.

Roxana loves herself enough to go after her dreams, despite how many challenges she has faced in life. She didn’t always feel worthy of success and love and, as she states in the podcast, she even felt that she didn’t have a clear identity as an Afro Latina due to her upbringing. In this episode, Roxana also touches on:

  • Being bullied in school due to her race and complexion
  • What it felt like to be the darkest-skinned member of her immediate family
  • Struggling with identity issues and colorism
  • Issues with self-doubt and mistrust

Roxana also shares some gems on how to manifest self-love, like:

“You have to be able to put yourself in situations where you’re going to be able to create the change you desire.”

And if you can’t extricate yourself out of a toxic relationship dynamic or career, there is still a way to manifest self-love.

“What matters is that you create the opportunities for yourself to manifest self-love.”

Struggling with self-love? Can’t seem to get yourself out of a toxic and self-sabotaging mindset? These tools may just do the trick!

Treat Yo Self: 100% Natural Jade Roller for Face, Eyes, and Neck and Anti Aging Rose Quartz Roller Massager for Slimming & Firming

One of the best strategies to manifest self-love is to treat yo self! As in, get your self-care on, girl! When we look our best, we feel our best. When we create routines for self-care, we set a standard on how we want to be treated. This jade roller set is a start! Made of 100% jade stone, it is said to ain in anti-aging and in reducing wrinkles and under-eye circles. Gift yourself!

Read: I Am Diosa: A Journey to Healing Deep, Loving Yourself, and Coming Back Home to Soul by Christine Gutierrez

Author Christine Guiterrez is a mental health therapist specializing in trauma and toxic love addiction. Her use of spirituality to help women heal makes her stand out from the rest, which is why she got a book deal in 2020. Her book, I Am Diosa, shares a chuck-full of healing strategies and “aha” moments to aid you in your journey to self-love and self-discovery.

There are a lot more tips in this episode, including specific strategies to manifesting self-love, how to get out of your own damn way, how to celebrate your wins, and what you can do today to place yourself in the spaces and with the people that will aid your professional and personal success.

So, press play and listen up to this motivational episode! Don’t forget to subscribe to (Self) Love Served Raw, rate the podcast, and leave a review. Stay tuned for more motivation and discussions on love and personal development. I’ll be back on Monday with Make It Happen, an empowering podcast that motivates and inspires.


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