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3 Wedding Invitation Designs That Make Me Excited for Wedding Planning

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3 Wedding Invitation Designs That Make Me Excited for Wedding Planning

Minted has amazing wedding invitation designs! Here are three that I gravitated toward that make me excited to plan my wedding.

I have partnered with Minted and have received compensation in exchange for this post. This post also contains affiliate links for wedding invitations and I may be compensated if you make a purchase. All opinions are my own.

On December 25, 2015 Boo proposed to me with a letter from Evan, a sparkly Halo engagement ring and a t-shirt that read, “Mommy will you marry my Daddy!” I was floored. I wasn’t expecting him to propose then. Soon, but not then. The letter Boo wrote as if he were our baby boy, who was growing inside my womb at that very moment, brought me to tears. And not only because of raging pregnancy hormones.

You see, I never imagined my proposal. I hoped to meet a man who loved me to marry me, but I never fantasized about what that day would look like, how he would surprise me or how romantic it would all be. A hopeless romantic, I desired an over-the-top proposal but I wasn’t quiet sure on the details. And although Boo proposed on bended knee in our living room at 12:05am after I had already removed my makeup and was ready for bed, it was so thoughtful that I didn’t mind the practicality of it all.

Now, it’s wedding planning time.

I have to admit, I’ve been a naughty bride-to-be. I’ve created the mandatory Pinterest board and have made some decisions, like I will not have a bridal party, be given away, or have a father/daughter dance (Boo doesn’t want a mother/son dance either), but that’s about it. We want to keep our wedding simple because we’re older (I’m going to be 40 and he’s 41) and we don’t want unnecessary wedding drama or expenses. We also want to paaaarty at our wedding; it’s difficult to do so when you’re stressed throughout the reception because you’ve added too much to your wedding-planning plate. Honestly, the furthest I’ve come to wedding planning is having my wedding dress designed by my BFF, Yuyi, and narrowing down wedding invitations on Minted. We don’t even have a date yet. I know, I know – bad relationship expert!

Speaking on those wedding invitations, here are three that I’m in love with. 

Blue Tides Wedding Invitation

Boo and I are thinking beach wedding and this card reminds me of the deep blue sea. I also love watercolor paintings as Boo and I have also dabbled with watercolors during paint nights. We totally think we’re Picasso. With both ears.  Get lost in the Blue Tide Wedding Invitation.

Frosted Branches Wedding Invitation

This wedding invitation reminds me of winters in the city. The gray is very Concrete Jungle and the gold reflects the city that never sleeps. If we marry in NYC, this wedding invitation may just be it. View the Frosted Branches Wedding Invitation. 

Amethyst Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Lastly, there is amethyst. Y’all know how I feel about watercolors, but did you know that the amethyst stone protects the spirit and cleanses one’s energy of negative influences and attachments? How amazing would it be to have that blessed energy at our wedding — starting with a wedding invitation? So amazing. And so many decisions to make! Check out the beauty and power of the Amethyst Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Help me make the choice by telling me in comments which wedding invitation you like the most! And please don’t judge me too hard if it’s 2020 and I’m still not married. I’ll still have my amazing, healthy family and that even sweeter proposal story. I’m good with that. For now.

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