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5 Things to Consider Before Moving In With Your Love

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5 Things to Consider Before Moving In With Your Love

5 Things to Consider Before Moving In With Your Love

Take notes and discuss your thoughts with your mate before packing up those boxes!

I can’t wait to move in with my boyfriend, Stephen. Before that happens, however, we need to sit down and have a conversation about several things that can possibly affect us when we do live together. When you live with someone it’s serious. It’s the start of your future, and as exciting as that sounds, there’s some serious shit to consider before taking that drastic step.

Here’s what Stephen and I are getting into before shacking up. Take notes and discuss your thoughts with your mate before packing up those boxes!

Them Credit Scores

Do you or your partner have a good credit score? That’s if you have one at all. If not, what the hell, man? Find your nearest bank and sign up for your first credit card. Cause you can’t rent or buy property without credit. And you definitely can’t do so if your credit score is on the “poor” end of the spectrum. Get your shit together!

How You’ll Budget

Talking about money is a complete must, especially when finalizing who is covering what and how much. Establish how the rent will be divided. Will it be 50/50 or does it depend on each of your incomes? And what about the other (cue Destiny’s Child) bills, bills, bills? Oh, how adulting sucks…

Personality Quirks & Lifestyle Differences

Opposites often attract but how you relate to others and each other will affect your home environment. Let’s say your boyfriend is like Stephen (a social butterfly) and you’re like me (a bit more reserved). He might want to have friends over every weekend while you rather bingewatch your telenovela or Grey’s Anatomy (does anyone still watch that show?). This then becomes less of a personality issue and more of a lifestyle question. It’s important to compromise so you can both enjoy living in the same household regardless of your way of life. Finding a common ground will allow you to give and receive respect while feeling comfortable at home.

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Cleanliness & Chores

Keeping the place clean is a no-brainer, right? Who wants to live with someone who doesn’t give a shit about their home? But, some people are messy and don’t think it’s essential to sweep every day or wash the dishes every night. Talk to your honey about how to split chores so that neither of you are doing the bulk of the housework. Another helpful tip: stick to a chores schedule.

Keeping the Spark Alive

It’s possible for things to get a little boring after you start seeing each other every… single… day. So keep it spicy! Don’t fall into a Netflix and Chill rut. Date each other while you live together as if you first met! It’ll make a world of difference and guide you when things get tough. It will also remind you why you fell in love and started this new chapter together in the first place.

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