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Why Women Should Date Multiple People Just Like Men

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The Single Life

Why Women Should Date Multiple People Just Like Men

Men date many people simultaneously. And we should do the same.

You are dating a guy “exclusively.” Or so you think. Suddenly, you see his brand new relationship debut all over Instagram weeks after you began seeing each other. Although his actions may have been hurtful, can you really blame him? He’s keeping his options open. Many men date multiple women until they weed out the one that they truly want to be with. And there is no reason why women shouldn’t do the same thing.

Often times women allow themselves to be one of the many eggs that a man holds within his basket. However, it’s time for women to start playing the same game. Also, it’s important not to get your hopes up with just one man. He may take you out on nice dates, but he may not be Mr. Right.

It’s just like ABC’s The Bachelorette. When a woman gets acquainted with several men at once, it allows her to compare the subpar suitors with the ones who are truly worth her time.

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Let’s be clear: there is a fine line between dating someone and sleeping with them. Dating is about getting to know someone. You learn if he or she is worthy to embark on a relationship. When you date, you hang out, learn about each other’s interests, and find out what you both have in common. You don’t need to have sex with every man who takes you out to dinner. That’s because you are in control of your life and choices. You are the casting director of your movie. And the men that you date are auditioning for the once-in-a-lifetime role of Boyfriend, or maybe even Husband.

The ball is truly in your court. Don’t be afraid and keep your options open. Don’t get too caught up on one person. Utilize your power as a woman. Know your worth and don’t settle until you find the one who sets himself apart from the rest.

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Tonya Nelson

Tonya Nelson is an ambitious hopeless romantic. As a graduating senior at Howard University, Tonya uses her experiences to share her ideas about love and romance from a collegiate perspective. Her plans are to become a multimedia mogul. Until then, she’s working on her college degree while indulging in casual dating along the way. On, Tonya writes about the single life and dating.


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