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When Do You Think It’s Time To Start Online Dating?

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The Single Life

When Do You Think It’s Time To Start Online Dating?

Your single and folks are meeting their match online. So, when is it time to start online dating?

Reading. Banking. Applying for jobs. Shopping. All tasks that could only be done the conventional way 20 years ago. You know what else falls into that category? Dating. Many singles have found their perfect match thanks to sites such as Match, EHarmony, Christianmingle, and Blackpeoplemeet. And the kicker is they have a huge success rate.

​But while this is an effective avenue to find a good mate in today’s society few may still view it as “desperate” and “inorganic.” In hindsight, that may be true. It depends on how old you are. However, there is nothing wrong with being resourceful and wanting to try something different.

So, when is a good age to start online dating? Brooke, a 24 year old from Dallas, understands why some choose to venture into online dating. However, she believes that it takes away from choosing our mates the natural way and learning from those mistakes. “I’d appreciate [the relationship] more if it was more trial and error.” And she will always feel that way no matter how old she is.

At 30 years old, Kristin, also wants to find love the old fashioned way and wants little to do with online dating. “I know I’m probably at the age where a lot of singles like me would be already there or seriously contemplating it, but I’ve been around great couples, like my parents, who found each other through friends or school or close families,” she says.

Carly, a 21 year old from Southern California, doesn’t believe it’s for her and hopes there won’t come a time where she has to turn to it. “I see a lot of older women getting on there if they are having trouble landing someone. Like 40 and up.”

But it isn’t just for those who have been unlucky in love. Maria, a 28 year old from Atlanta, is curious and would be open to seeing what it is all about. “I would say I’m still a little young for it. I’ve got time. But if 6 or 7 years from now, I’m still looking, I’d look on one of those sites.” There’s nothing desperate or jaded about that.

Melanie, a 33 year old navy veteran agrees that it’s a great option and is all for getting online. Online dating is great for meeting someone with her same interests. “They’ve gotten it down so well, now. There’s no harm and suspicion that you’ll meet a sketchy person, right?” she says excitedly when I asked.

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​All in all, it seems that a good age to start online dating is between your mid 30’s and up. What do you think? Is this a good age range? Should we wait longer? Or start sooner?

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