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Why Ghosting Is Sometimes the Only Way Out

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The Single Life

Why Ghosting Is Sometimes the Only Way Out

Why Ghosting Is Sometimes the Only Way Out

Ghosting is still rude as hell, but in certain circumstances is it our only choice? Maybe.

I’ve been ghosted, yo. Like, many, many times. I was ghosted before the term “ghosting” was even a thing. And it hurt every…single…time.

Whether the guy that ghosted was someone I slept with or not, or a man that I went on a few dates with and I kind of liked, being ghosted fucked with my already poor self-worth. It’s a cruel way to treat a gal, especially one that pretended to be confident and sexy and oh so unbothered. Thing is men can smell the bullshit. So can women. I wasn’t in the right headspace to be in a loving and healthy relationship because I did not believe at my core that I deserved a loving and healthy relationship. So I attracted men that ghosted. Like Houdini.

When it happened I would find ways to cope (see: Bacardi and Coke and flirting with bartenders). I didn’t have memes like this to help me laugh off the heartache.

I just wanted to scream at Casper the Unfriendly Ghost (the man that ghosted), “Get some cojones!”

Once it sunk in, however, I realized that ghosting might have been the only way to break things off. Cause I can be stubborn and would often try to convince the men that I really liked but who weren’t that into me that they could be into me. It’s still rude as hell, but in certain circumstances is ghosting our only choice? Maybe. Some men and women force our hand. Here are some reasons to ghost a love interest.

When no doesn’t mean no

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From breakup telegrams to blocking him on social media, you’ve tried to end your relationship a dozen times and in a hundred different ways. Yet he doesn’t get the hint. This is a perfect time to ghost. Instead of wasting your breath on this potential stalker, stop engaging all together. Don’t respond to his texts, emails or calls. If need be, change your number. You might be in danger, girl.

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