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10 of the Most Cynical Miranda Hobbes Love and Sex Quotes

Miranda Hobbs Sex and the City
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10 of the Most Cynical Miranda Hobbes Love and Sex Quotes

Miranda Hobbes was a kick-ass, snarky lawyer on Sex and the City. Here are 10 of her most cynical love and sex quotes.

Just this weekend I watched Sex and the City the Movie for the thousandth time. It was playing on TBS and I stopped whatever I was doing and sat my ass on my boyfriend’s sofa. That’s because this movie always sucks me in. “Sex and the City” was the series when I was in my 20s. With characters like Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes, how could it not be the best show of all time for women?!

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Personally, I connected the most with Carrie. But there is something in all of them that I related to. I can be as prudish as Charlotte, as seductive as Samantha, and as sarcastic as Miranda. Miranda was hysterical. Ambitious and snarky, she had an edge, even in love. And I loved her for it. Here are 10 of the most cynical Miranda Hobbes love and sex quotes.

All Guys Suck

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Do all guys suck? According to Miranda, yup!

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