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What Men and Women Can Learn From Each Other As Friends

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What Men and Women Can Learn From Each Other As Friends

What Men and Women Can Learn From Each Other As Friends

Women, if we’re friends with men we get an insiders perspective on the male mind. We have someone who looks out for us when we think that guy we’re dating is tripping.

Friend: So then he sent me this link about how men and women can’t be friends. I kinda agree with the link.

Me: That’s ridiculous. I have male friends who are JUST my friends.

Friend: Yes, but at some point or another one person will see the other as something more. Just because you don’t feel it doesn’t mean he doesn’t either.

This is how many people describe friendships between men and women. I get it. Why wouldn’t the thought of something more between opposite sex friends creep up? After all, your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, partner should be your friend first. I just don’t buy that it is absolutely, definitively, impossible for men and women to be “just” friends when there are so many reasons why they should be friends.

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For Men: You’ll get to understand women a little bit better. Not completely, after all sometimes it seems like men and women are from different planets. However, understanding women a little better can score points on a date, in your relationships, and with women in your family. And, according to many studies, men have more to gain from friendships with women.

Men enjoy friendships with women because they can talk and connect much more emotionally than they do with their male buddies.

The same way women confide in women, men also feel safe confiding in women. Why? Because women expect more of an emotional reward in their friendships than men do. Which makes it very easy for you to share how you feel. Also, in my opinion, it shows that men like women, not in a sexual way but, as people (more on that in a minute).

For Women: We get an insiders perspective on the male mind. We have someone who looks out for us when we think that guy we’re dating is tripping. Plus, it’s venturing into a different space than the one we share with our female friends. Men aren’t so sensitive about things the way many women are. That aspect alone can make friendships with men seem lighter and more fun.

Plus, it shows you like men. As people. Not just as boyfriends.

What I mean by men and women liking each other as people is very simple. You’ll hear this from many men: women are too emotional. Women talk too much shit. This is why women can’t be in high power positions. Women are only good for sex, cooking, taking care of men…and that’s where the train ends. Cause women ain’t shit.

The same goes for women: Men are dogs. Men can’t be faithful. I don’t believe anything a man says. Men are only good for a lay, help you with the bills, be there when you’re lonely, but not good enough to be your friend. Cause men ain’t shit. 

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That’s where the problem lies. If both sexes can’t be friends with each other, or even like each other, how are we ever going to understand and look out for one another? How are we ever going to learn from each other? In the end, we need each other to be better. So let’s cut the shit and be friends, okay? 

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Larissa Vasquez is a writer and blogger based in New York City.


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