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Love Causalities! Another Relationship Bites the Dust

Flickr: Marktee.

The Single Life

Love Causalities! Another Relationship Bites the Dust

With a pending court case, single mom Nydia wonders: will her new fling survive?

During the toughest time in my life, when my ex decided to take me to court to get full custody of our son, DCP (Dominican Cutie from Purchasing) proved not to be supportive enough. Within a couple of months our entire relationship began to deteriorate. He was an unfortunate casualty of my year in court. Isn’t there some saying that talks about knowing who your friends are when the “shit hits the fan”? Well, it’s also a good way to measure someone’s feelings for you and overall character.

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As much as I liked him, this guy was young and not really interested in anything serious. And by ‘young’ I mean he was still dripping amniotic fluid. He ended up having the emotional range of a newborn, and given my situation at that moment, it just wasn’t working. It was frustrating and not at all conducive to my emotional well-being. So, that ended but we remained friendly for a while. Shortly thereafter, he left the company we both worked for and we never really kept in touch.

Even though I had spent only a few months dating DCP, it was still a bit difficult to move on. However, armed with official, court appointed ‘me time,’ I turned my attention back to dating and rebuilding my life.

Things were really bad for me, so I entertained myself with social networking sites. I was having a blast online! I met a few guys to distract me and pass the time with. It was mostly flirtation via email and, even though I had actually met a couple of them in person, it never went past a date or two. These people proved to be a bit “off the wall” and I was careful not to end up like one of those poor, small town girls that disappeared after meeting some “Prince Charming” off the Internet. My interest in men quickly waning, I became an emotional recluse for a couple of months.

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It wouldn’t be until later that I’d be reunited with a man. Until this day, he is still one of the greatest loves of my life. And, no, it wasn’t DCP!

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Nydia Mata is a photographer and single mom of a little boy who happily shares her journey to the time of baby wipes.


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