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What Your Dating Texting Style Reveals About Your Personality

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What Your Dating Texting Style Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Dating Texting Style Reveals About Your Personality

There’s the one who doesn’t reply, but stays posting on social media. Ugh. Worst texter ever!

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The person that laughs at everything, even if it’s inappropriate (LOL).

laughing gif

Today, using lol or lmao every other second is the norm. It’s as if lol or lmao were used to water down serious, devastating, or awkward situations. People who constantly laugh through text (including myself) might be trying to use the acronyms to hide their pain, avoid confrontation, or maybe they’re just left speechless.

The novelist who sends lengthy responses (that I sure as hell don’t read, but do skim through).

writer gif

Passionate people, they are. No matter how short your response or how simple your question they respond with a full-blown shakespearean sonnet. The novelist might be passionate about their love life, family or their overall success goals.

The needy one who only texts when they’re desperate for a favor.

not going to be ignored

We all have that one friend that ghosts for months until they need something. You’re always the one they go to because you’re an actual dependable and generous person (unlike them). Oh, and if you’re not able to help them right at that moment you’re the bad, unreliable guy! These needy texters are usually opportunists who do whatever it takes to get what they want, without a care in the world. Sort of like a parasite does to their host (ouch).

The “K” giver.

heather dubrow rhoc gif

There are two kind of “K” givers: the petty ones that say K during an argument and those who actually mean “okay.” The petty “K” givers might be nonchalant people who don’t care for arguments and are actually non-confrontational or…they’re super confrontational and want to get a reaction out of you because they know K drives you insane (like it does to me). On the other hand, there are those who don’t see anything wrong with K. Okay.

The one who responds to your text by calling you or FaceTiming you without booking an appointment beforehand.

facebook stalking girl

This is just disrespectful. I don’t know about you, but I stare at my phone until it stops ringing. Those who call or FaceTime instead of texting back tend to get comfortable too quickly when you’re probably just not there yet. Hopeless romantics maybe? Or maybe they’re just moving too fast for your comfort.

PLUS: I FaceTime My Man But Hate Texting Him

The friend who mentally replies.

clutching pearl oprah

We’ve all been there, done it. This happens to me when I’m doing many things at once, or the conversation just isn’t going anywhere. The friend who mentally replies might just be busy or simply uninterested in what you’re talking about. Mental repliers might be a little too nonchalant or a little too occupied.

The person who tells ONE story with 20 separate text messages.


Don’t kill them just yet. These fragmented storytellers might not have the best memory. They might not remember the story too clearly, that is why they send broken texts. Each text represents a new thought or memory that just popped into their head. Their poor memory might really be an issue in their lives.

The annoying one who adds you to a group chat without your consent (and then spams you all day).


Anxiety Big Band Theory

Behead him/her! This is just awful. These kind of texters might be awesome team players, and very charismatic and outgoing people who get along with everybody.

Which one are you? Be sure to comment your style below! If we missed one, let us know!

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