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What Your Dating Texting Style Reveals About Your Personality

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What Your Dating Texting Style Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Dating Texting Style Reveals About Your Personality

There’s the one who doesn’t reply, but stays posting on social media. Ugh. Worst texter ever!

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I’m the most boring texter you will ever meet, and so is my boyfriend. That’s why we’re perfect for each other; we happily spend hours on FaceTime (even if we’re doing our own thing). When we do text I find myself sending short, dry replies. Boo does the same. Most of the time we miscommunicate through text and would much rather communicate face-to-face. You know, to actually hear one another’s voice and react to facial expressions.

Well, you can label us the fuddy duddy of texters. Kidding, that’s not a real thing, but there are a variety of texting styles that reveal surprising details about a person’s personality. For example, the serial texter – that one impatient and persistent person (see: thirsty) that texts repeatedly despite how much you ignore them – might actually be a go-getter in ‘real life’ that refuses to give up on their goals. Or…just a stalker.

It doesn’t end there, though. There are more texting styles that you or your boo might just fit into (or not). Here they are:

The person who sends audio messages instead of texting back forcing you to fetch your headphones in public…ugh.

Britney Confused Face

I’ll be the first to admit that I do this while chatting with my besties or my boo. Sometimes, I just want them to hear my voice when I’m telling a juicy story. On the flip side, people who send audio messages instead of texts might be true busy bees who are always on the go, juggling multiple tasks. Audio messages are just quicker and easier.

The GIF master who has the perfect animation for every situation.

Christian Bale American Psycho

A GIF never fails to lighten the mood. Those who tend to find the most perfect animations (every time!) might be the life of the party, or… the smooth-talking player who knows the right thing to say (and when to say it) in order to lure their prey right into their love trap.

The one who doesn’t reply, but stays posting on social media.

constant texting

After interrogating a few people who tend to have the damn nerve, I realized that most of the time this isn’t done purposely (or maybe it is). It can either mean that the person isn’t the greatest at multitasking as they’re distracted quite easily (with memes), or you’re just not their cup of tea. Sorry.

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The one who makes all the typos.

say what now nene leakes

One word: careless. From their relationship to work, their sloppiness may reveal itself in many or all aspects of their life.

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