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Swoon! Sigh! How Mr. Baja Panty Rocked My World

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The Single Life

Swoon! Sigh! How Mr. Baja Panty Rocked My World

What do you get when a single mom meets a fiiiine man? A panty dropper of a story.

Once upon a time in a city very new and ‘yorky’ a girl was convinced that a certain boy was most definitely sent for her. Turns out the girl was wrong. But, only for a little while. Let me explain.

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Several years ago I met a guy that I instantly fell for. We flirted and such but ultimately nothing manifested. I was so disappointed cause this guy was the ultimate ‘Baja Panty.’ As in panty dropper!

Fast forward to 2006. Due to my son’s father’s antics, I’m at the tail end of my own nightmare episode of ‘Law and Order,’ and on the wrong side of the dating game. My coping skills are akin to that of a newborn: I cried for my mother! But I got Baja Panty back instead. Mi lindo, Baja Panty! It was as if I had summoned his return. And just like that, I was starring in my own ‘before and after’ print ad. On the ‘before’ side: a dark, depressed but really pretty single mom, stuck in the mother of all ruts. On the ‘after’ side: a bright, sunny happy woman, determined to get herself right again.

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I had reconnected with one of the best men ever to walk the face of the earth. And when I say reconnected, I mean, well, you know.  Sigh! Swoon! Because once upon a time in city very new and ‘yorky’ a girl was convinced that a certain boy was most definitely sent here for her. Turns out, the girl was right. Sort of…

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Love in NYC

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A fantastic New York moment can happen in a New York minute. How romantic is that? And how very NYC. Photo Credit: Sujeiry Gonzalez.

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Nydia Mata is a photographer and single mom of a little boy who happily shares her journey to the time of baby wipes.


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