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Young Men Partake in More High-Risk Sex, Study Says

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Young Men Partake in More High-Risk Sex, Study Says

My hope is to raise a young man that not only respects women but also respects and values himself.

When I discovered I was pregnant I really wanted a girl. Now, I know why God has blessed me with a baby boy instead – to groom my son into a man that respects women.

It’s a huge responsibility that I’m excited to take on. Mostly because men have treated me crappy in the past. I’ve been led on, played with emotionally and, yes, even fucked over  – and not in a good way.

Young men are also super careless regarding sex (oral and otherwise). It’s not a myth: a new study surveyed 85,000 young people, and researchers discovered that “males are at least ten times more likely to engage in high-risk sexual behavior than their female counterparts.”

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Even more terrifying, they are partaking in this careless activity at a young age. Males between the ages of 15–19 were 27 times more likely than females the same age to have unprotected heterosexual sex with random partners – especially if they live in an urban area. Yes, the saying that kids from cities grow up too fast holds some weight.

What shocked me the most, however, is that young men who are educated and belong to a higher economic group are more likely to take chances regarding sex. In turn, they indulge in risky sexual behavior in adulthood. It’s puzzling. You’d think they’d “know better” due to their high level of education. However, not all smarts translate to common sense.

So I know what I have to do for my son. Relay information in an informative way that’s also relatable and real. Knock some sense into him when he’s a young boy so he doesn’t knock someone up, or worse, get sick due to risky sex. In the end I hope to raise him to be a smart young man that not only respects women but also respects and values himself.

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