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4 Women Share Their Horror Stories of Period Sex

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4 Women Share Their Horror Stories of Period Sex

It’s a tough battle to fight, and the penis doesn’t always come out alive!

“No babe, I will not have sex with you while you’re on your period!” Said no man ever.

In my experience, the ever so dreadful “shark week” doesn’t deter men from enjoying a solid round of fornication. My attempts to use Aunt Flo to avoid late-night sex have always been overruled by the penis. The minute we hit the sheets I’m met with a rock-hard boner that’s ready to ride the crimson wave.

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I must admit, I do have a magical vagina. My period lasts all of 10 minutes and I usually don’t even bother with a tampon. This might have to do with the lethal dose of birth control I’ve been using daily for 10+ years – or I’m just a unicorn. Either way, no guy has been horrified after manhandling my monthly menses.

Other women experience the same reaction from men. Men are not as frightened by “the rag” as we once thought. In fact, it seems women are always more concerned about the aftermath than the men are. Whether it’s a boyfriend or a one-night-stand, the majority of men don’t worry that the red coats are coming.

Unfortunately, not all women were blessed with a dainty, angelic vagina such as my own. But, if men are willing to come face to face with a blood diamond, they have to accept all possible outcomes. It’s a tough battle to fight, and the penis doesn’t always come out alive!

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A few brave women were more than happy to provide a front row seat to their greatest bloody romance.

He Screamed

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“I warned him that it was the last day of my period but he didn’t care. After we had sex he looked down at his dick and screamed. All I could do was laugh!” hoto Credit: Flick/H4ck.

At the end of the day, is a little red tide going to hold you back from surfing an 8-foot wave? I say go for it! If the end result turns out to be a reenactment of Carrie at Prom…don’t be a dick.

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Melissa is a writer from Long Beach, California who aims to bring out the humor and horror in modern-day dating. She believes there's no sugar-coating romance, and her writing brings out the raw reality of the millennial fight for normalcy in a virtual hook-up generation. When not poking fun at her numerous dating misfortunes, Melissa is often playing volleyball, attending concerts and cooking fantastic meals.


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