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I Couldn’t Tame the Crazy After My Breakup

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I Couldn’t Tame the Crazy After My Breakup

I took a set of pliers and destroyed every piece of jewelry he ever gave me.

My first boyfriend cheated on me and showed absolutely no remorse. So, when we broke up, I calmly and quite calculatingly cut up every piece of clothing he had at my place. I then took a set of pliers and destroyed every piece of jewelry he ever gave me. Once finished I hand delivered him the scraps of material. This way he couldn’t regift the gifts and give them to the next girl.

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I admit, it was a little crazy. Looking back I probably should have just thrown away the items, but, it was satisfying at the time. I made a dramatic point!

The crazy train continued during my next breakup. My ex and I were arguing in the kitchen and I just so happened to be near the knives. Things intensified quickly. I also noticed he seemed kind of jumpy. His eyes were as big as saucers and bounced from me to my hands to the knives. It occurred to me he thought I might pull a knife on him, which at the time I found hilarious. So I began making outlandish gestures in the direction of the knives. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he ran out of the kitchen. I laughed hysterically. Surely he thought, this chick is crazy!

But, maybe we’re all a little crazy after a breakup. I’ve heard stories of women slashing tires, bleaching clothes, and throwing paint all over Jordan’s. Jazmine Sullivan sings about “busting windows out his car” – and many women have done so.  And yes, there may have been a time where I dumped an ex’s alcohol and filled the bottles with tap water. Sue me! I’ve been the Queen of Petty!

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Now, I look back on my crazy break up antics and realize they were learning experiences. A break up is a volatile time; emotions run high. I know not to escalate these situation. What’s important is to take time to regroup and act like your sane self again. It’s much better to put down the crowbar, can of paint, or whatever weapon of destruction, and pour that energy into self-healing and self-improvement. As satisfying as hurting him or his items may feel in the moment, it’s not worth catching a case over and losing your dignity and sanity.

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Jeanine Cruz

Jeanine is a self-proclaimed dating mishap expert. This Pisces often dips her creative toes in arts and culture, and has a passion for spoken word, playwriting, creative writing, and lyrical writing. As a native New Yorker living in Orlando, FL, Jeanine has a unique perspective on city and beach life. Her extensive Sociology and Higher Education background allows her to see dating, love, and women’s empowerment issues from various viewpoints as she adds a twist of humor and lessons learned to her stories.


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