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The Science Behind Why Women Play Games With Men

The Science Behind Why Women Play Games With Men
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The Science Behind Why Women Play Games With Men

Why do women play games with men? Why cant we just be honest and tell men what we want? Here are some relationship tips and advice on the guessing game.

We have all played this game. The one where you assume things about your boyfriend or insinuate things to your boyfriend. Today I am going to preach about the former.

You know the deal. We say something but we aren’t really saying what we mean. All the poor guy can do is rack his brain and try to guess the meaning behind your words.

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I won’t lie. I have put some of my previous boyfriends through this. Although I didn’t enjoy watching them scurry around like mice trying to find the cheese (or in this case, understand what the hell I meant), I now realize the confusion and drama I was putting them through. We cannot blame men for guessing wrong and completely failing!

No one can really win when playing the guessing game.

So, why do women do this? Why don’t we just spill the beans instead of going around in circles? Or give them a look of death instead of communicating? I asked around and here are the reasons why.

We do this so our guys will think on their own.


We do this so men can figure us out.


We do this because we think he should know better.


But your man isn’t psychic!

Crysyal Ball Psychic

My piece of dating advice: we cannot send men into battle without giving them a way to defend themselves. Men need some direction. When we don’t provide guidance, we end up upset with the outcome.

Remember: a real relationship cannot be built on games. So, the next time you want something be specific. Nudge him in the right direction, if he needs it. He may just surprise you, “pass go,” and win the game.

What do you think about game play? Share your thoughts.

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Kattya Servellon

Kattya Servellon is a lifestyle blogger, beauty guru and relationship expert living the life of a 23 year old Latina from NY. Get to know her and all her lifestyle tips on A Perfect Wreck.


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