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Why Late Night Texting Friends Is Off-Limits When in a Relationship

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Why Late Night Texting Friends Is Off-Limits When in a Relationship

Why Late Night Texting Friends Is Off-Limits When in a Relationship

Newsflash! When you’re in a relationship there are texting boundaries that should never be crossed.

Being in a relationship isn’t supposed to feel like you’re chained and shackled. Having friends of the opposite sex is normal and in some cases, inevitable. With that in mind, when you’re single you can text whomever you want, whenever you want. Newsflash! That changes when you’re in a relationship as there are boundaries that should never be crossed – period!

Now, what exactly are the Acceptable Texting Hours of Operation? I say 9am to 10pm – and 10pm might be pushing it. Texting your “friends” at late hours of the night is off-limits, and here’s why:

Respect. Imagine being booed up at 11pm with bae trying to spend some quality time, but he’s all up in his text messages. One can only wonder: what or who is more important?

Late night texting is not only off-limits, but it is also disrespectful when the texter is ignoring their partner over their so-called “friends” (or booty calls… yeah I said it).

Personally, I get annoyed when I see my boo laughing while staring at his phone. And that’s at noon. I can’t even imagine if that were to happen at midnight. Before having a heart attack, I’d ask, “Babe what’s funny? I want to laugh too…” Aaaaand…down I go.

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Sexting. Everyone knows late night texting usually turns into sexting. (FYI: sexting includes explicit photographs and/or text messages.) Your significant other may have the best intentions in mind, but his “friend” may be a vicious homewrecker that is waiting to pounce on him. It starts off with an innocent selfie and leads to…well you know.

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Catching feelings. If you’re constantly giving a person attention, especially late at night, they might feel more important than they should. They may feel entitled to parts of you that only your partner has access to. Your “friend” may develop feelings. Feelings that will not only intervene with your relationship, but possibly break it apart. Even worse, your attention (although innocent to you), may send mixed signals. Or, worst case scenario, you start to develop feelings for them! Let’s avoid this nonsense by avoiding late night texting. Period!

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