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Woe is Facebook! What To Do On Social Media Post Breakup

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Woe is Facebook! What To Do On Social Media Post Breakup

So you and your boyfriend are over. What should you do on Facebook? Delete photos, unfriend him, or what? Some relationship advice to help post breakup.

My boyfriend is not into Facebook. So much so that his wall is covered with check in’s, photos and status updates…because others have tagged him. Besides that there’s a void on his timeline!

I’m sure Facebook is saddened by the lack of activity on my boo’s social media page. Mark Zuckerburg weeps while scrolling through his timeline.

I, on the other hand, am a social media junkie. When Facebook arrived, I posted every funny thought (or so I thought) every minute of the day. That includes status updates about my relationships. I still do in moderation.

I am also one of the “friends” that contributes to my man’s timeline, tagging photos here and there and everywhere.

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But what happens if things between us don’t work out? I hate thinking that way but it’s a possibility. What do we do with our social media pages post breakup? Here is some relationship advice for those freaking out cause the ex keeps popping up on your newsfeed.

Do not post status updates about your breakup.
Seriously! I know it’s difficult. You want to tell your “friends” what happened and how much of a bastard your ex is for leaving you. Or how liberated you are because you left him. But don’t do it. It only draws attention to you and your breakup. And how loopy you are because of it.

Think before you delete.
Before your relationship was over, your timeline was filled with couple-y photos. What do you do with them now that you are your man are O-V-E-R, OVER?! Your first instinct is to delete every trace of life with him. I get it. We don’t need these reminders when hurting and healing. But think before you delete. You may never see these photos again. You probably don’t have them stored anywhere else. Do you want to erase every trace of him? If so, hit that backspace button.

What about his/your friends?
While in a relationship his “friends” became your “friends.” What do you do now?! It depends. Before unfriending mutual friends, ask yourself: did I build a relationship with him or her outside of Facebook? Is he or she really a friend of mine? If you answered yes, keep ’em. If not, use that unfriend button STAT. They may just be around to spy on you for your ex.

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Bottom line, no matter what your relationship status, social media is part of our daily lives. So kudos to my boyfriend for keeping his life on Facebook a mystery. He may just be on the right track. Because there’s less explaining to do, less Facebook damage control, and less deleting and hurting if and when the shit hits the fan.

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