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Wedding Crashers? How About Wedding Cheaters?

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Wedding Crashers? How About Wedding Cheaters?

Wild SujeiryOften times I’ve complained of the lack of eligible bachelors at weddings. Chairs are usually filled with married and engaged couples; women snuggling against their fiance or husband as they should. A merengue plays and he pulls his lady to the dance floor, or she yanks his arm if he’s not a “dancer.” And, taken ladies, you better make sure he sways you to “At Last” and flaps his arms to the Chicken Dance.

Because he may just eye a single lady like myself., and extra-marital dating site, conducted a survey where they asked over 2,000 men and women about cheating at weddings. It seems men (32 percent) are most likely to cheat during moments of ‘I do,’ usually due to their drunken state. Not unlike the movie Wedding Crashers, sexing bridesmaids is the most common scenario. So you better find a babysitter and accompany your partner as one-third of men admitted to having been unfaithful when their partner wasn’t in attendance.

Are weddings the only place where men find a hot new pepa™ for a temporary fling? According to the survey, 27 percent of men have cheated during a bachelor party. Other places to cheat include:

  • The office Christmas party (21 percent)
  • A school reunion (9 percent)

So why weddings and not your Tia’s baby shower? A representative from Illicit Encounters suggested that wedding ceremonies and the after party present a variety of elements that provide the best opportunity for a one-night stand. I mean, think about it! You have booze, narga shaking, and people dressed to impress (there’s something about a man in a suit). If it’s a destination wedding, there an abundance of hotel keys for knocking boots! Aside from the accessibility to a bed, there’s also the idea that weddings are sad events for those who haven’t found their mate. Women become vulnerable and men get frisky!

A recipe for infidelity.

So, the next time your partner asks to go to Fulano’s wedding in Vegas, don’t stay behind! Do what you can to catch that plane and sit by his side on that crowded, coupled up table. If not, he may come back with more than a wedding favor.

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