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You Bumped Into Your Ex! 6 Ways to Handle It Like a Winner

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You Bumped Into Your Ex! 6 Ways to Handle It Like a Winner

It happens to all of us! We bump into an ex-boyfriend and freak or don’t know what to do. Here are six ways to handle bumping into your ex so you come out a winner.

Your ex is one of those people you may never want to see again. But, hey, it happens. That’s why you need a go-to plan so you don’t accidentally regret anything you might say or do later. Especially if he’s that ex that broke your heart. Or moved on with someone “hotter.”

Oh, the pain!

But it doesn’t have to be that bad. I swear! Here is how to handle running into your ex.

Grin and bear it. That’s right – fake it till he’s out of sight. Take a deep breath and focus on how amazing your life is so you carry that smile with confidence.

Don’t speak to him for too long. Tell him you’re doing well but keep it brief. Do not linger for too long. If there’s an awkward silence, just get outta there.

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Ask him superficial questions. Some examples are questions about work or school. But stay away from relationship questions, especially if he’s dating someone new.

Come up with an excuse to exit. That way you don’t have to exchange contact information. Or worse: try to rekindle your connection.

If he was a jerk, just wave. Because the jerk ex-boyfriend is probably the worst ex-boyfriend to run into. He doesn’t deserve anything less that a quick “hello” if that. You are not obligated to carry on a conversation with him.

Do not make plans with him. I know it’s tempting, especially if the break up was recent or you still have feelings for him. You may even think that this chance meeting means you two are meant to be. Maybe it is, but don’t get wrapped up in that fantasy either. It is best to leave the past in the past. Going down memory lane may lead to a future disaster…and another broken heart.

Tell us. How have you handled it when you ran into an ex?

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Erynn Castellanos is an aspiring radio broadcaster with an opinion on all things love. Currently going through the trials of most twenty somethings, she balances life and relationships and knows what she wants. Her articles on tie in her personal experiences while exploring the early stages of dating and the single life.


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