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6 Ways to Boost Oxytocin AKA The Love Hormone

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6 Ways to Boost Oxytocin AKA The Love Hormone

Not feeling that loving feeling for your boo? It’s time to boost your oxytocin.

I love being in love – and I want to keep it that way. Probably because it took me a little over a decade to fall in love again. When single few men impressed me. Even fewer activated and increased my oxytocin levels. Come to think of it, I’ve only really been in love twice.

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The first time love hit me in the face like a chancleta was at 26. Yes, I was an old ass woman. Like I said, I was picky and rarely fell for sweet talk. Ok, I did, but not enough to give my heart away. I was also extremely cautious. Daddy issues, abandonment, blah, blah, blah! You can read it all in Love Trips. So, 26 was the age. And he, Elijah, was gorgeous, tall, manly, kind, sexy – and he loved me back. But shit hit the fan (like, really smelly funky shit) and it didn’t work out. Again, the saga is all in my first book, Love Trips.

A decade later and I meet and fall for Boo – my now fiance and the father of my soon-to-born baby boy. I want to keep our love alive for decades to come. I want to want to bang him as much as I do now. And I want Boo to continue to love me and desire me back. So, we have to work on keeping oxytocin levels nice and high. Because oxytocin, also knows as the love drug, is partially responsible for romantic feelings and a couple’s intimate bond. If levels are low, according to a study, there’s a high probability of divorce. And I don’t want Boo and I to end up divorced.

So, let’s work on boosting our oxytocin levels. If you’re not feeling that loving feeling for your partner, here are some ways to increase the love hormone.

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Hold Hands

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Not a hugger? You can also hold hands. Whether you're sitting on the couch watching an emotional movie, which also helps oxytocin levels (more on that later), or you're holding hands while taking a stroll in the park, holding hands connects couples emotionally. Source:

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