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Top 5 Reasons Why Women Are Waiting to Get Married


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Top 5 Reasons Why Women Are Waiting to Get Married

A study shows women are now waiting to get married. Some women, including celebrities, aren’t marrying at all. Here is why women are waiting to tie the knot.

Celebrities have waited to get married and so have many of you!

I am 35 years old and single. And I can say that it’s by choice. I am waiting to walk down the aisle, like many other women are waiting to marry. Not because we are old spinsters who can’t get a date. Women are waiting to get married because we have more career options than our grandmothers and mothers. We want more out of life than getting hitched, planning our dream wedding and having babies.

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So, what is the current average age of marriage for women? According to a study, it’s 27 years old. The study also shows that more than 10 percent of baby boomers (folks that are over 50) are single and have never been married.

Times are definitely changing, and it affects all women. This waiting game is even played by celebrities. But why? Are there less available men? Is career too important? Do women believe they cannot balance marriage, children and an empire? I asked and you answered.

Here are the top five reasons why women wait to get married and celebrities who may have (or have not) done the same.

I Choose the Wrong Men and/or Not Ready: Cameron Diaz

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Some women choose wrong again and again. When I think of celebrities who do so I think of Cameron Diaz. She was in a serious relationship with Justin Timberlake, a kid at that time, really. She then moved on to Alex Rodriguez who is an infamous cheater. So, yes, Cammie tends to choose men who aren’t ready to settle, or never will. Because she isn’t ready either. Photo Credit:

Why do you think women are marrying later?

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