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You’re Thirsty! 6 Desperate Things Men Do on First Dates

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You’re Thirsty! 6 Desperate Things Men Do on First Dates

Friending you on FB and posting a #bae pic on IG on a first date? So thirsty!

First dates can be nerve-racking, especially if you’ve met the guy online and really want to be in a relationship. That’s how I felt when I was single. I hated dating. I just wanted to find “the one” as I was tired of kissing frogs! I also didn’t want to have drinks or eat dinner with anyone who I knew wasn’t “it.”

Unfortunately, it’s par for the course.  You must meet men,  date them and deal with crazy, weird and sometimes thirsty behavior right at first greet.  Here are just a few of the desperate things that men may do on a first date.

Taking a photo.

He asks to take a photo of you, and you’re like, “Why? I’m right here!” “I want to keep it for memories sake,” he claims. Maybe he wants to jerk off while starring at your pic. So, no! You can’t! But do you know what’s worse than him asking to take your photo? Taking it while you’re not aware.

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Posting said photo on Instagram.

He took a photo of you (hopefully with your permission) and puts you on blast on his IG. The caption reads: first date with #bae. And he tags you in the post. Slow down, buddy! Not only is this inappropriate behavior but now his IG followers are requesting to follow you. No bueno unless you want to be Instafamous.

Talking about marriage.

Even if his tagline online is “I want to get married,” he shouldn’t discuss marriage on a first date. He can ask if you want to get married some day. Many men don’t want to waste their time on a woman who doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage. That’s when the question is valid. However, if he begins to share locales and potential wedding dates, you better run, girl. Or you just may become the “Bride of Chucky.”

Showing photos of your kids and family.

A single man who has kids and is dating may want to show you photos of his kids. I get it, they’re your pride and joy! But, it’s a bit desperate. I mean, can’t you get to know each other before they call you “Mami”? Put the kid pics away, fellas. It’s a turn off on a first date.

Calling a woman “baby.”

When a man calls a woman “baby,” it’s a term of endearment. That’s why it should be reserved for when a connection has been built. Nicknames, whether personal or not, are developed in time and when there is intimacy. A man should not call a woman boo, baby, babe, or anything other than her first name on a first date.

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Friending you on Facebook.

To some, this may not seem like a desperate cry for connecting. Personally, I think friending someone on Facebook that you just met, or following them on Twitter or Instagram, is odd. If the first date is great, mention it after you talk a few times. Don’t send a friend request before you order the first course. Facebook is an extension of our lives, and his need to pry and be all up in your life is oh so desperate.

So, ladies and gents, please keep your cool when on a first date. Be confident – it always wins! And never ever be thirsty.

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