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3 Things To Do and Avoid When He Stops Texting You

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3 Things To Do and Avoid When He Stops Texting You

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3 Things To Do and Avoid When He Stops Texting You

What can you do when he stops texting you? Here is some dating advice on things to do and avoid when that man goes MIA over text message.

by Dateless In Dallas

There are times when you hear from someone you like on a regular basis yet after awhile you start noticing that guy you like is not texting you as frequent or as quickly as he used to. It all depends on numerous factors like if he’s out of town working or has been hospitalized and didn’t tell you, but let’s just say that things are normal and you can’t comprehend why he is now incognito, or MIA.

Sometimes we start jumping into conclusions and start to think back on something we ourselves might have done to make him not want to text back. You can literally drive yourself up the wall trying to remember back to situations where you may have turned him off hence why he’s not texting. It could very well be something you did, but I like to think that nine times out of 10 it is something that he alone has done and it has nothing to do with you.

So what is a girl to do when you really want to text him, but know that you must hold onto your dignity and not text to get him to text you back. I know I have been subjected to such an annoying and uncalled for scenario like this and here’s what I think you should do if you are also in a similar predicament.

1. In case it wasn’t already clear, you do not under ANY circumstance text him. I repeat, do not text him.

2. Instead, start staying busy like walking your dog an extra mile and at the same time you would have burned off some serious calories while you’re spewing off like a tea pot.

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3. You should start cleaning out your computer, you know like take out all those pictures of exes to make room for new possible memories with hopeful incognito guy. If no exes, then just clean out whatever is of no use anymore on your computer.

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