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To Spit or Swallow? A Sex Therapist Gives Us the Skinny

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To Spit or Swallow? A Sex Therapist Gives Us the Skinny

A sex therapist dishes on whether to spit or swallow, and how to swallow like a champ.

To spit or swallow? That is the question that women ask themselves when giving oral sex. There are benefits to each. Swallowing is sexier and won’t kill the mood. Plus swallowing semen isn’t fattening! Ladies, the average amount of semen a man ejaculates contains about 5 calories.

While all this may be true there are women who do not enjoy swallowing and prefer to spit. Some women find the taste and texture of male ejaculate to be displeasing, therefore they won’t go that extra mile.

So, what’s the best option for you and your man? Take a look at what to do regardless of whether you spit or swallow.

If you don’t want to swallow, tell him. Ask your partner to let you know when he’s about to cum. That way you can remove your mouth from his penis. Once you do, continue to stimulate his penis with your hands.

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If you don’t want to swallow, you shouldn’t have to. There’s no reason to feel you should swallow your partners fluids if it makes you gag.

If you don’t want to swallow, he can wear a condom. Another option is to have him wear a condom during oral sex so that swallowing won’t be an issue. You can get flavored condoms here.

But what if you want to try to swallow? As stated there are many benefits. I prefer to swallow because I feel like it is more romantic and accepting. It can also be very enjoyable and you can have fun with it. I like to find a sexy way to just toss it back, like a shot, so I don’t kill the sexy vibe. Plus, there’s this:

Swallowing prevents embarrassment. When you swallow you don’t have to run off with sperm in your mouth to the nearest sink. Never mind that awkward look on your face.

He will feel such pleasure. If you continue to give oral even after he comes, you will drag out his orgasm to completion. He may even beg you to stop because he has reached the limit. This is when you toss it back and smile.

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Swallowing can show how much you care for your man. It makes no mess and your man feels fulfilled. But, if you do chose to swallow, make sure you commit to it.

Whether you like to spit or swallow, just make sure your partner knows ahead of time what you prefer. Communicating will cut out any confusion, expectations or messy awkward moments.

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Samantha Williams

Samantha Williams is a bright, upcoming writer with a key insight on the dynamics of relationships. She is well-versed in Sexology and posses an innately rich writing style. Her extensive knowledge of psychology allows her to address the real issues facing today's society, especially women. Her unique talents translate into a writing style that is simultaneously compassionate and edgy. Sam is truly wise beyond her years and yearns to expose as many women as she can to their inner potential.


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