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Solo Date Night: Taking Yourself Out on a Date

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Solo Date Night: Taking Yourself Out on a Date

No need to wait for Prince Charming to whisk you away. Instead, date yourself.

After a long workweek there is nothing I love more than pouring myself a glass of wine, sitting on the couch with my fuzzy blanket, and watching reality TV. Not exactly the sexy way most young women spend their Friday nights, but who are “most women” anyway? Not this chica, let me tell you. As an introvert, I would much rather spend the evening curled up with a great show or book, and just chill out.

But, every now and then even the most introverted person gets the single-gal blues, wishing they had a special someone to take them to the movies, grab a bite of pizza, and stroll along the park walkway like a couple of love birds. I feel this, too, in my single-hood, and at times it totally bums me out. Well, you know what? If you feel the same, let’s do something about it! We are women of the 21st century that don’t need to wait for Prince Charming to whisk us away and take us out. You know what you do?  Treat yourself to a solo date and treat yourself to the best time ever!

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Dress up however you want.

Red lips and heels? Go for it. More of a  jeans and a sweater date? That’s perfect, too. It does’t matter what you wear because you love yourself in any wardrobe.

Take yourself out to a locale that makes you happy.

If you want to check out the new Melissa McCarthy flick or a new exhibit at your local museum, go! Get lost in enjoying yourself. You are, after all, your best company. And don’t worry about what others thing when they realize you’re eating dinner for one.  You are not the first person to enjoy a night alone out on the town. And you won’t be the last.

Go eat somewhere you love and frequent with friends.

Months ago, I went out for Thai food with some friends and saw a gal sitting at a table by herself with a grand plate of food and a newspaper. She was in her late twenties and seemed quite content with herself. I was proud of her.

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I ate alone all the time during my college years. I would sit down in a restaurant with a great meal and a good book or homework – and just enjoy. I was in public (GASP!) enjoying time alone (AH!) and the world did not end. So, single girl to single girl, I advice you to treat yourself to a solo dinner date. You will feel liberated and enjoy time with yourself immensely. No Prince Charming required.

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Ashley is a California-based writer with a love for pop culture and all things nature. When she isn't soaking up the California sun, she's writing and working on her newest creative endeavor. A self-proclaimed introvert, she writes about loving yourself as a woman, finding the right person to love all aspects you, and how to cherish all the love that is received from friends and family.


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